Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday, requests

     I feel like I have been letting people down on this blog as I have not been keeping up posting about money saving and my general saving things mindset.  I have just been so busy with remodel (expensive) and quilting (also expensive) that I have not posted things I normally post.  I would like to blame my Aunt.  She is very distracting.  Actually she is a dream,  She is napping on the sofa while I post and I can hear her gentle snore.  We live well together her and I.

     Sam asked for my Popover recipe.  Popovers are so basic and easy but do require at least 45 minutes to bake.

Set oven for 450
prepare pans or dishes with crisco or bacon grease (I use saved bacon grease as it has a higher burn rate and a 450 oven is high)
beat 2 eggs till frothy (I use a hand held mixer)
Add all the remaining ingredients

add one cup of flour
one cup of milk
1tblspoon oil
1/2 tsp salt 
Beat until smooth fill cups or pans 2/3 full put in hot oven for 15 minutes and then reduce oven to 350 for 1/2 hour.  Remove. I do not prick to allow steam to escape as I love the full crispness of the popover.  Always make a double batch as one will only make 6 and they are great warmed up later.

Also more research on the Lone start quilt.  It is a religious symbol of several American Indian tribes.  It is called the morning star quilt.  It is a symbol of  friendship, giving,a link between the former life and the next life.  Given as  gift of bravery to service men when they leave for war. Often used to wrap the bodies of the dead symbolic of going in the afterlife to the Savior. My aunt has worked closely with the tribe in her area for years.  She is an adopted member in a way she has given so much to them.

Today I have to finish a wedding dress, run to Joanns, get some milk, stop at the dollar store, take down all the Valentine and replace with St. Patrick's Day.  Aunty and I are also going to finish our third quilt top and start on our 4th one.  She goes home tomorrow. I will miss her so much.  I really hope she comes again.  It is so cold where she lives this time of year.  I think she should come a stay here for a couple months during the winter. 

Aunties flight leave at 1:20 p.m. from Spokane  so we have to leave here at 9 a.m.  I think Lil sis is going to drive so that will be nice.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Kim,
    That's interesting about the quilt symbolism. Yes, you need a playmate all winter! I wish I had popovers right now. But, I do not know what kind of pan to use and I am just too sick anyway.

  2. A popover pan has a deeper cup than a cupcake/muffin pan.Daughter 3 said she used her muffin pan but didn't put as much batter in each one.

    Kim you are doing fine with your blog. You have hauled butt getting the house around to sell. I am looking forward to your adventures of retirement and moving etc. I know you will always look for the frugal way to have a good life.

  3. I am being a seriously bad blogger, but I am still computerless. I am still reading them daily but am responding very little because I hate using the keypad on this stupid Kindle