Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thursday, catch up!

     The sheet rock man was here yesterday to fix the master bedroom and you cannot see where he fixed it at all!  I would take a picture but it would tell you nothing.  I will paint this area but it hardly needs it.  I have to look to find where he fixed the walls. Amazing is all I can say.  What was also amazing is that he showed up at 11:00 and was done by 2:00, so 3 hours I should have paid him by the hour. Then it would have been $120.00. Instead of the 150.00 I bid him.  But when he was painting the front room for $40.00 an hour he was slower than hell.  So note to self no more by the hour with this guy.  He obviously can move faster when it behooves him.

     I left Hubs with the littles yesterday and ran to the hospital for my blood work.  I don't know what was up with the phlebotomist but she was having a bad day.  Therefore I got to have a bad day.  I know to be well hydrated, so that was not the issue.  I do have pretty significant scar tissue in the areas that one usually has blood drawn,  but I never had someone mine the way she did.  She stuck me and then missed the vein and proceeded to keep the needle in and just move it different angles and jab and jab.  Luckily I have a high pain tolerance.   Now we are on on our second arm and third attempt and I said," I think I should come back tomorrow, you seem to be very frustrated."  It was not the pain but the thought that there was a needle in my arm and it was fishing around at different angles and jabbing that made me woozy.  Finally she hit a vein.  I cam home irritated, bruised and bandaged.

     Pulled the last of the Swedish meatballs out of the freezer and boiled potatoes for dinner. Also pulled a frozen container of chili, and chicken soup out, so we can use up leftovers.  I really need to clean out the freezers again and make a list of things to use up.  All of them are getting low and that is nice.  I am also running out of several things in my storage, as I have not been replacing things due to us moving.  It is weird to go look for dried beans and find I have none.  That has never happened before. I just used the last 10 lb bag of flour to fill me canister. Obviously I will have to do a major grocery shop soon.

     Hubs concert clothes need to be washed and of course I have put it off, so that is first on the agenda for today.  The eldest little wet through the pad I put under her during her nap, so I have a set of bedding to wash.  I have to box up all Valentines decorations. Get my butt into the master bath and finish. DO some laundry besides hubs concert wear.  Also how about putting some laundry away? There is just lots to do around here and I am thinking of all the ways I can avoid doing anything.  I can't even make myself make a list.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Never pay anyone by the hour! Well, almost no one. I had a mining phlebotomist yesterday, too. But, I made her quit. Made her! I am so sick and behind on laundry and dishes here that I may just abandon the

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  3. third stick they are done. I will ask for someone that does the cancer patients or drug addicts...they have bad veins.

  4. We have some sheet rock work we need done as well. I'm not looking forward to the quotes for that! So sorry about your experience at the lab. I've had the same happen to me the last few times I've had blood work done and that's NO fun.