Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday, Running with scissors...

     I swear sometimes I get so confused and behind that I feel like I spin circles and today is one of those days. I still have so much to do in this house,and people are calling in the shop and Hub's starts into hell week this week for the show that opens this weekend.  It is almost a comedy to watch me get something done.  Every room in the house needs love and there has been a load in the washer for two days that needs hung up, I just can't seem to get to the myriad of things that I need done.  Aghhhhh!

     How does it get to this point?  I mean really?  It is not like I sit around eating bons bons, although that does sound really good right now. I would like to post about last month and my goals for next month, you know be efficient like many of you are, but that ain't happening.  This is a seat of your pants post and will likely be for a few days.

     I have my great Aunt and cousin coming this Thursday and I will leave for Spokane to pick them up Wednesday evening. Then one of them does not come in until midnight Thursday so I will spend the night at my daughters and come back here on Friday.  As they are coming I really need to get my house in order and it is anything but order.  Paint cans, and tools all over in almost every room.  Yes actually every room in the house is in a state of some kind of mess.  I don't know how I can get all this cleaning done and cook dinners and sew.  But I am going to have to. Dang.

     I did get the taxes done yesterday, which is a holy miracle. They were taken to the accountant today at 11:30, after I went to the chiropractor at 10:00.  I also was able to get all the bills paid for the month and finally got those mailed and distributed.  It was total chaos this morning with me leaving my wallet and the bills and the taxes at home as I went to run errands, and then I had to make a trip home to get what I had forgot.  I am such an airhead.

     What can I get done today? I know I can do something to move forward. Let's see.

1. go to doctor
2. drop off bills
3. go to post office
4. go to accountant
5. take in missionary pants
6. hem two pairs of pants
7. hang up clothes in washer
8. make split pea soup
9. hem two other pants
10. call clients
11. help hub's take a load to the storage
12. clean out the hall closet ,remove several items that need to go to storage.
13. hang large art work back up in front room
14. clean up at least one room, any room.  Just pick one.
15. forward cousins flight info via email

     This remodeling is not for sissies I tell you.  It is crazy, dirty, disorganized work.  I have the crazy, disorganized part done to a science, but the dirty part really gets to me.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. After an unproductive weekend, I slept off and on today in between bouts of emails and feel behind in life. Your place is shaping up. You're tackling a lot.

    1. I am sorry you are down hope you get better soon. I am working hard but I feel like I am spinning my wheels alot.

  2. Remodeling is nasty and tiring. get over that and just try to survive. I would only clean up and put away what I did not need to paint and do more. These women have probably seen remodeling.

    Or just go run with scissors.

    I thought you might get a laugh--a friend of mine who was my age and went to our church and altered clothes for a dry cleaner offered to give my husband a crotch job. Yes, his suit pants were baggy in the front. She probably gave him a crotch job, but she never altered his pants.

  3. I get that.
    Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the thought of things waiting to get done.
    It makes me want to take a nap!
    You got this, my friend.

    1. Overwhelmed is the word. I think I just need to finish something.

  4. I have many days like this & I hate it.

    I forgot my wallet at home once too and only discovered it after I had scanned a large order of groceries. Thankfully, the store is around the corner from our house so I was able to call DH to bring cash so I could pay.

    1. When I getting running (with scissors) like that I always forget something.

  5. I put everything I need when leaving the night before at the "launch" pad... the table at the door I have to walk out of THEN I tape note to the door what I need and the list of errands and something even the grocery list. I put my coupons in the eye glass case in my purse because I have to wear the glasses to drive and not around the house.

    Remodeling is the circle around hell. We haven't done much inside this winter but I can tell you when the weather breaks HELL Will also. It will be dirty also as we think we have a drain that runs rain water away from the house broke and washing ground way from foundation under kitchen porch and the area where the basement ramp is. NOT going to be a cheap repair.

    Take a breath... don't run with scissors...