Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wednesday, Aunty is gone and the littles

Aunty and I messing around at the the dollar store, don't remember what I bought but it was a a dollar and I needed it. Dig Aunties glasses, she is such a goober. We dropped her off at the airport yesterday and I miss her.  Hopefully she will come back next year.  Of course we will be in a different place but she is still welcome.


Here is the last quilt we worked on, it is my favorite and I made it for Lil sis. Don't have any idea when I will have time to quilt it.   But it is ready.

We have the littles here today and we have not had them for a month. They were excited, we were excited.  I have to get my blood work done today so I will run out and do that.  Also need to make something for dinner for us and friends. Need to take little girl to dance at 5:00.

Stopped by D#2 yesterday on our way out of Spokane.  She is so sick with this pregnancy.  I want to drive up and stay for a few days just to help her clean up her house.  We also want to drive to Twin Falls next week and see our eldest and the two boys.  We also need to check on Hubs folks.

I need to get the shop organized to be gone for a while.  The shop will start to get busier and now is the time to go if we are going to go.

I love having company, but now I feel like I have to get back into a schedule, as I have neglected so many things.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Pretty quilt. Love the colors. Getting back to normal is a relief sometimes.

    1. Yes and then I remind myself that normal is a setting on my dryer.

  2. You & your Aunty have such beautiful skin Kim - you both look so young! Love that quilt too!

    1. We were lucky. Both side of my family have good skin. But then we are short. No one gets it all.