Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wednesday, Lil sis to the rescue!

     Well I did it.  I know you all warned me, but did I listen?  No and now I am paying for it. I did try to keep myself going on things that had to be done.  I was a little behind on my sewing.  I spent until 3:30 in the afternoon sewing.  So about 4 hours at the machine.  There was more to do than I thought.  I was a little frustrated as I really wanted to leave for Spokane late today and the hours to get things done were ticking away.  As usual when I have been sewing for the past maybe year, My upper back started to tighten up and become uncomfortable.  So I decided to go and lay down for an hour or so.  I wanted to not have any problems with my lower back.

     Of course the minute I laid down all hell broke loose in the shop and it was none stop clients, and I was up/down 4 times in a 1/2 an hour.  I am blessed with work, so I should not complain.  Anyway I gave up and started to vacuum the floors, downstairs.  I don't know what I did, but I turned just right (or just wrong) in the hall and about went to my knees.  My lower back had a spasm that was much, much worse than anything I have had before.  I have no idea what is wrong. I was flat on my back in bed as soon as I could crawl up the stairs and down the hall to the bedroom.

     I scared Hubs to death and he even offered to stay home from rehearsal (no way).  Having him gone is the best part of my day. So I called my daughter and cried and then my Lil sis and cried and Lil sis came over about 6:30 after working a 10 hours day herself and helped me get all the things that were done on the list from yesterday.  I was up and about, but not bending over and moving very slowly. She worked until about 9 o'clock and we (her) got a lot done. I am so grateful for her.
A sparkling guest bath
Aunties room is dusted, swept, sheets changed and gifts, sent by my Twin out and ready.

So Lil sis was able to get the things that really matter done.  The bedrooms and the bathrooms that guests will use.  Plus the main living areas.  She is such a sweet heart.  I am so blessed with good sisters.  We will do anything for each other and that is something many paople do not have.
New curtains up in Mom's room.

Here are her results.

Sparkling bath!  This room was covered in paint crap.

Shelves restored to former glory 

Fireplace, scrubbed and things put back where they belonged
Nice clean family room!

Art work is up, and Lil sis even arranged the flowers.

But the most important thing is Hub's has been returned to his beloved spot.  I think he would be found dead here if we were not selling and moving.

I have taken some Excedrin, and I am going to take it very slow today.  It is snowing outside so trying to clean up porches is a moot point.

I do have two formal dresses that have to be hemmed  and I will get to those after this post, but that is all the sewing I will do today. Any efforts I make to clean will be in the kitchen.  Which is a pig sty.

As the roads are getting sketchy I will be leaving for the Spokane airport tomorrow morning. This does give me more time to try and get a few things done.  Just moving with caution at this point.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. SIGH... I really hate it that you are hurting with your back.

    1. It woke me this morning and I could not get back to sleep. I mean when you are just laying still and it is throbbing?

  2. These pictures are a far cry from the ones you posted a few days ago. Glad he got his spot back. Does your back ever spasm when driving?

  3. Oh please take care dear Kim. It sounds like you have slipped something in your back - it can often just be a tweak that does it.I turned sideways in the garden last year to pick up my trowel & mine went ping! Everything is looking very lovely & spiffy again. You are so lucky to have sisters - I only have one brother & have spent most of my life wishing for a sister!!

    1. I am really blesses, I have so much fun with them.

  4. Can I borrow your sisters? :) I have so much that I need to do at my house and basically no one to help. I can do it, it will just take forever and a day. Your house is beautiful!

    1. You know I could make a good living renting them out.

  5. Oh no, Kim. Lil Sis to the rescue indeed! Sisters are truly a gift-I can agree to that.