Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wednesday, Health developments

     My appointment yesterday with my specialist again revealed rising liver enzymes, as this is the second visit with those results we are cutting back on one of my meds by 1/2.  This is just the booster med to the Xzeljanz, which is the best medication I have ever been on.  So if I have to reduce to no booster med the Xzeljanz may just be taken by itself.  Chances are that it will not work alone as I was out of remission on it alone about 18 months ago.  However there is a new drug on the horizon that is pill form and I am a candidate for that.  Just trying to stay ahead of my T-cells ability to work around these drugs.  Smart little buggers they are.  But I feel good other than my back, which by the way after three visits to my primary care people nothing was done.  My specialist (and this is not his job) has me on a muscle relaxant and physical therapy starting next week.  Thank goodness for good doctors who care and do their job and other peoples jobs.

Now for Hubs:

We met with his doctor/Urologist/oncologist. I really like him and he has been a client of mine for the last several years.  He was a great comfort to me when  my mom was living with me.  He was always caring and with good advice when he came into the shop.

Hubs is a candidate for surgery, and isotope treatment, however he is just on the border line and it is likely something else will cause his death.  The doctors concern is the fact that his parents are both in their 90's which means with no treatment Hubs would likely suffer and die from this cancer as he ages and Prostate cancer is one of the most painful cancers to die from.  IT is more Hubs longevity that concerns the doctor as far as treatment is concerned.

With Hubs hearing loss even with hearing aids his comprehension can be low, also his tremors (although medically treated) cause a slow down in the brain.  These two conditions together almost always lead to early dementia issues and balance issues.   Now we are talking a surgery that will put him under and anyone with dementia issues like Hubs can really take a set back from this.  Also his chance of becoming incontinent although smaller than in the past is an issue. Combine the tremors and the memory issues and his chance of that side affect is higher.

It was obvious to me as we talked that the doctor was making eye contact with me that Hubs could not interpret. I made it clear to doctor without alarming hubs that his memory is an issue.  As is his balance.  He has a hard time getting up and started out of a chair and has fallen or has almost fallen.  This is the reason for selling the house.  Our yard is huge and very steep.  Hubs is struggling on the slopes with balance and falling.  Falling under a lawn mower is not an option here.  We must sell.

I do not want one more thing that ages my husband or takes away even more of his quality of life.  He is struggling with so many issues which make him edgy and disgruntled at times, is it fair to possibly add more memory loss or incontinence?   So now we have to weigh the risks.  Do we avoid surgery and its side affects and go for a less invasive treatment or no treatment?  At this point because hubs numbers are low we are going to wait 6 months, read tests and blood work again and then go from there.  This is a slow growing cancer, it is likely something else will take hubs out. Putting him through surgery at this point does not seem like the best option. There are also hormone treatments that can slow this down which are also an option for hubs to avoid side affects.

So here we are, a 6 month wait for action which is fine with me.  By that time we will hopefully have sold the house and will be mission ready, after the mission we can determine where we go. I want to travel more and have more adventures as long as our health holds.  I do feel that we need to complete the house and mission goals in the next year so we are free to travel. I know Hubs will not get better in some areas, so getting things done that are important for him ( his desire to serve a mission) and his well being (the house) are a must.

We got word that daughter #2 will get to know the sex of her baby on St Patrick's day. Drumm Roll please brbrbrbrbrrbrbrb!

Now I have to get meals started for a couple of families and set some sewing done and get packed to leave tomorrow!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I am really sorry you guys are going through all this. So many decisions. I agree, you have time, so use it to contemplate what to do. Always keep in mind - quality and quantity.
    You are in my prayers!

  2. Slow growing cancer is good news. My husband's grandfather died in his 90s and the prostrate cancer he had been diagnosed 20 years earlier did not affect him or cause his death. Yeah, I have the wobbly walking and fear of falling down on any little slope. Of course, my ears and back are the cause and not the same as his. I can see how you need to sell the house. Good luck in all this.

  3. Your plate is always so full. I admire your ability to handle whatever is put in your path.

  4. Oh Kim, I am so sorry you and Joel are dealing with so much. You amaze me at the energy and stamina you have and ALL you get done with all this on your plate. You're both in our prayers. What an example you are to me and others! God bless you both!

  5. I am so sorry to hear of all you are going through. You are in my prayers.

  6. In GOD's hands. Selling the house is a necessity at this point for the two of you. As for the mission work, is he going to be able to pass the tests they usually have to let you go? IF not, can you afford to take him to that area for a small vacation so his "dream" is there in some kind of way? My brother in law just went through this and he due to balance and beginnings of dementia along with the corvinus he can no longer do mission work.

  7. sending a big ((hug)) your way. Quality of life is so important how long till you put the house up for sale?

  8. Oh my, that’s a lot to weigh. It sounds to me like you're on the best track for your situation.

  9. (((((Kim))))) Sending good thoughts, prayers, and healing thoughts your way. My heart goes out to you.

  10. I'm sorry to your that your husband is going through so much. Praying for you both.