Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday, the weeks just pass

     It seems like time is passing faster for me than usual.  You would think with this Covid thing it would be dragging but it is not.  I feel like it is Monday and then boom it is Friday.  I also know that trying to stay busy and motivated and not allowing myself to fall into depression might be the reason time seems to pass.

     Hubs is out trying to see if he can get the yard trimmer fixed for a reasonable amount,although he had to call me because he forgot how to get to the repair place.  This is my life now, his tremors, his memory issues, scary.  We had been up to this place twice with him driving in the past month, I just shake my head.

     I have to run and pick up an prescription today, and I want to get another wedding dress done along with a few other things in the shop. I really have to make myself work and it is so aggravating.

     We are going into stage 2 reopening of our State tomorrow, but things will not change here.  I will still be wearing a mask if I go out to stores, we will not be going out to eat in a restaurant any time soon.  Might go down and order an Effy burger to take out.   We will just be playing it safe for a long while.

     Hubs is back and the small engine place said to throw it away, which means we can finally get an electric rechargeable one that I can handle.  Yeah!  I like to trim up the lawn and if we get this other house the yard is so much smaller and we will not have a 1/3 of an acre in the back to keep mowed down.  We could get sheep.... just a thought.

     I just had a bridesmaid dress picked up and I need to get into the shop and earn some more money. Earning money does make me feel better. It makes me feel almost normal. 

     Take care my friends, I don't know what the future holds, but we are all in this together and if we hold onto each other we will make it.

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Nope can't hold onto each other, that would violate social distancing. If Herr Gov. Wolf has his way he'll be closed down until Sept.

    1. I am really tired of this, I mean really. If you lived close we could sneak out for a donut.

  2. I am with you and am wearing masks in public everywhere I go (which amounts to going grocery shopping about 2 times a month) Time has flown here too but I figure it is just because we have been dealing with unsettling things.

    1. Yeah you are right, everything is just kind of weird.

  3. Long ago, when I needed motivation, I had a trick. I would tell my self I could not have something or do something until I fished xxxx. For example, if I wanted to watch a television show I would say to myself, "If you finish washing the dishes, you can watch the television show." " If you get the vacuuming done before dinner, you can go buy a candy bar." It always worked because I wanted some treat so badly. I never watched daytime tv or soaps, so the tv was something like Oprah. Maybe it would work for you.

    It is sad about your husband. I suppose you will always take the lead from now on, or at least moreso. Electric in the yard for anything sounds good to me these days.

  4. Baby boomers are dying in huge numbers in retirement homes, LOL! This is your karma. DIE BOOMER SCUMS!!!

    From a recent news article: "The elderly in US care institutions are dying disproportionately from Covid-19. The pandemic has revealed the extent to which their wellbeing and safety have been sacrificed by an industry that prioritizes profit and influence.

    The US response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most chaotic and ineffective in the developed world, leading to a situation where this nation of 327 million people, with the globe’s costliest and arguably most advanced healthcare, accounts for almost a third of the total 4.4 million coronavirus cases and 28 percent of all deaths.

    But the US situation is even more appalling when one looks at who is dying. It turns out that one third of all COVID-19 deaths have been patients or caregivers working in the nation’s 7,700 nursing homes for the care of the elderly and disabled. Of the total of 85,000 COVID-19 deaths in the US as of noon on May 14, more than 28,000 were elderly Americans."

  5. we had battery trimmer...They do wear out faster but I can handle the weight.Hubby got a gas one... the head fell off the other day. Son 2 got a gas one. It lasted a year because he used regular gas in it instead of buying the mixed fuel in the store. Our push mower is down also. Goes with the broken wrist I now have... always something

    Hope you have an update on your offer

    1. Nothing here but I wish I was close enough to come and help you.

  6. We'll see how productive I am by the end of the weekend. My vision and my reality are something different when it comes to gardens and yard work. My weeks seem to fly-I am measuring in terms of credible updates on the health situation. Just heard LA Mayor saying the lockdown would likely be extended for more months, which makes me sad for my son.

    1. Funny how when we make a list we become super human. I feel for your son also. Is there any way he can leave the area for a while?

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