Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wednesday, Hubs it is a struggle...

     Hubs is trying to paint the house, which I do not think he is capable of doing, but he persists so I do not argue.  He so badly needs to feel useful.  Don't we all?  (no comment from you Slug)  I have now determined that he is having trouble with anything mechanical he operates. He forgets what kind of gas goes in the lawn equipment.  He forgets the oil, he has major breakdowns.  Both the lawnmower (the damage was hubs fault) now the Trimmer again it seized because of the wrong gas combo.  I just can't keep up on his shenanigans.  I can't watch him all the time.

     He goes out to paint and gets up on the scaffolding and then I get a call on my cell phone, he has dropped a brush or a scrapper, would I come out and get it for him so he does not have to climb down?  Well of course I will, but yesterday, he forgot he had put the paint can at the top of the ladder and he went to move it causing 3/4 of a gallon of ($52.00 a gallon) paint to fall and cover him, the scaffolding, the rest of the already painted house below, the hosta, the trees.  He was so slippery with paint he could not get down off the scaffolding.  It was a scary bit of time, wondering if I would have to call for help.  Of course this upset him so his tremors were just awful.  I managed to get him down, and then it took me two hours to clean up the mess.  He felt terrible, but really we all could have done this.  He just has so many accidents and I can't seem to get him to see reason.  It is really raining hard today so no painting thank goodness.

     Yesterday he also told me the same story 5 times, I worry, but that does no good.  He is going down to Nampa to help his mom and then onto Twin Falls to watch James for a week.  I need a break from his breaks, if you know what I mean.

     I made a large pan of chicken enchiladas yesterday and they are so good.  Froze a good bit of chicken broth and have enough chicken leftover to make a good chicken salad. I am trying to make the meat stretch as it is so expensive right now.

     The shop is busy mostly with wedding things and I am getting calls for more wedding things coming in, so that is good.  I also started to investigate how to get appraisals on many antiques that were my Dad's.  I need to downsize many of them and I want to get a fair price.  I have three or four items that are worth a great deal of money.  But it is hard when you are dealing with 17th century Swedish things.  DO we sell it here or ship it to Sweden?  Where will I get the best price?  It is time consuming. But I am serious about getting rid of some of this clutter, no matter how nice it is.  I think it is stupid to just keep it in storage.

     I have never done ebay before and I have been watching tutorials, I just don't think it is the best place for the things I have to sell.

     Well the sewing machine awaits and need to earn some money.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. WOW, this is not good. However, when I start about things Tommy does, I get numerous comments that I talk bad about him. So, no telling what you will get for comments. Are you sure he is capable of safely driving? I don't know who James is, but is your husband capable of watching anyone who needs watching? As with Tommy, any of us can do the same things, but over and over showing a pattern is the problem. I certainly don't know the answer, but allowing him to do things, even if he needs to be helpful is not the answer.

    Is James a child? Like I said, anyone who needs watching could be in danger. Ask the head of your church for guidance. the bishop?

  2. Just remember how bad you have been feeling about not being in the shop and not making money for your goals - then think about your hubby. He wants to do his part. I understand your worry - but I also understand his need to be helpful. My Mom was that way up until she was 90 and very sick. She just wanted to feel useful.

  3. Oh, my, I am reading this after commenting on your newest have a LOT to deal with.