Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday, So much to do

     I really have so much to do and I am having a hard time doing anything, at least I got a good nights sleep last night, so I am grateful for that.

     Mt cell phone is possessed so the first thing this morning was a trip to the cell hone place, to find out I had not updated the thing in 2 years?  I have to update it?  Yes it is like not changing the oil in the car.  The car runs fine until it doesn't.  So I have been updating now for over an hour and we are still at 52%.  It is a long process.

     Yesterday I drove up to Moscow to help our youngest set up a nursery for our new soon to be grandson, who is due August 3rd, but could come earlier. Since there is nothing really open it was hard to find anything at the two stores we were able to go to, we bought nothing.

     What we did do was clean and organize.  These kids have a great handicap apartment that can no longer be rented to a wheelchair person as it doesn't meet code, so they get it for a great $700.00 a month.  Large rooms, so you can turn a wheel chair around in, the only down side is the sinks are lower in the bath and the kitchen.  But for the perks of huge rooms and closets it is so worth it. 

     However these two are pack rats.  Both of them.  Every HUGE closet was full to the brim with stuff.  The babies things were in these three drawer plastic bins I had purchased for daughter over 10 years ago.  So the first order of business was to clean out closets and downsize stuff.  Now I am not saying the place was dirty, just they save everything.

     Dresses from when she was 19, she is now 28.  I had her go through every drawer in a huge dresser she inherited from my mother that has 18 good deep drawers.  We were able to free up 9 drawers for the baby with plenty of room for other things to come.  Thus we eliminated the plastic storage drawers that were taking up too much room and needed to go by by.

     We cleaned out a huge closet off the laundry room and by the time we were done my car, which holds a ton of things was completely full to the top with donations.  We took it to goodwill and dropped it off.  Lots of nice clothes no longer worn, linens for beds that no longer existed, books, shoes, boots, sports equipment, video game crap just stuff, lots of pillows and blankets they were not using.

     We also threw away boxes, of nothing, Why do you save boxes?  Lone shoes, slippers and boots that had no mates.  I could not believe the things we found in corners of closets.  When all was said and done we had four huge closets cleaned, so you could actually see the floor.  Barely anything left on shelves.  We just freed up so much space.  Her husband was going  from closet to closet just looking at the space.  SO now babe can come and they have room for strollers and car seats and such.

     Then we got online and ordered things for the nursery that were needed and everything should arrive before the babe gets here.  Her older sister is coming  to host a shower for both of the younger girls on the 13th of June.  I can't imagine that she will need to buy much after what they already bought and what we ordered yesterday.

     When everything arrives I will go back up and help her put it together.  She is so excited and wants the baby to come.  I told her he was easier to take care of inside than when he comes out. I do worry a little, as her job is outside and very manual right now.  She is getting big and I cannot imagine what would happen if her water broke at the plant.  I see several old men running around in a quandary and the older female lab supervisor(who B will someday replace) boiling water on a bun son burner.  But B tells me that her boss and the men are very accommodating and the Lab supervisor makes sure they are accommodating.  B as she is so small was always the one that got lowered into the holes in the sewers.  But now the guys have to go down.  B's boss forbid this kind of work the minute she told him she was pregnant. B also cannot fit into her protective gear, so no sludge pits for her.

     Anyway today I am going to drag Lil sis's butt over here to help me with something, if I can get her dressed.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Kim,
    Sludge pits? What kind of work does she do? I think babies are easier to take care of once they come, but I was sick the whole time. I am glad you found her some room.

  2. Sounds like a lot was accomplished. Heck girl I still have 2 dresses from when I was a teen and I am 65!!! It is amazing the things we tend to keep.
    Have a good week.

    1. Cheryl,
      I had two dresses I made and wore in hs, too. And, I am 73. They may have gone in the dump.

    2. Can't say I have anything that old.

  3. This comment made me chuckle. I personally would like to see these dresses :)

  4. I never understood the designated parking places for pregnant women. When you really need one is when you are lugging the car seat into the store then exiting with said seat and bags of stuff. I vote with you about care intuero vs.living kicking babies.

  5. I know as miserable as you are late in pregnancy,once they are out.....