Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thursday, really must get busy

     I can waste time better than anyone I know.  I just don't know where it gets off to.  Yesterday was a prime example.  I was in the shop working on a pile and then I had a second fitting with a bride and then back to the pile.  A real estate agent called for a quick out of town showing, so Hubs and I ran around for 1/2 an hour and then out the door for an hour and then back.  Did I get back into the shop?  No!  Could I have gone back in the shop?  Yes!

     I am going to blame the lack of work ethic on the fact that it rained for 24 hours straight here and we have a 90 % chance of rain today!  Also I had a ballast burn out in one of the lights in my shop and I need to call an electrician, or at least the handy man.  I might have to also paint the ceiling if I can't get rid of the dark marks caused by the burn out.  Fun times at the shop.

     I had to giggle at hub's as he is leaving tomorrow for his mom and dad's place.  His mom already called this morning to see if he had left yet.  She is very anxious for him to get there and is already wondering why he has not left.  He came down stairs for sympathy and got none.  Remember my mother lived with us for almost three years.  He just has to visit for a couple of days.

      Some one asked if I was worried with Hub's memory issues in staying with our grandson James and watching him.  No, James is a very risk adverse child and Hubs will keep a very close eye on him.  James is also 4 years old and not a child to get into things or wander.  They have a fenced back yard and my daughter and son-in-law come home for lunch.  They will be fine. 

     I do plan on getting something done today, I swear.

1. finish pile
2. mend jeans hem jeans
3. Cut hem on wedding dress for fitting tomorrow
4. mend coveralls

     I will get these tings done, I will,I will.....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. One time when I was about 35 and agile, I somehow knocked over a gallon of paint on newish carpet. And, I was standing or tripping on the floor. So, I would have fallen off a ladder or scaffold besides knocking the paint off and onto everything. Now, I would not dare open a gallon of paint indoors.

    Not all your interruptions are your doing!

  2. what's the worst thing that happened? You started a new day to get it done. If things have to get done by a set time, you always seem to do them, Stop worrying.

  3. Lovely to have so many grand kids to think about. Will you get more done whilst hubs is away.....or less?

  4. I swore I was going to get things done today too. Now it is about 1:20 and I am thinking it is too late to start so maybe I need to swear will get something done tomorrow, but we might go to the lake place, so maybe I will get something done Sunday or Monday, or maybe even Tuesday. Meanwhile the laundry is piling up and the floors need to be cleaned. Like I said, possibly on Wednesday!

    1. You and I are the same, and you have a good excuse, to be a little off. You notice I just said a little off....

  5. Oh, I bet you cannot waste more time than me...just came here from Cheryl's Frugal Corner. What it is with me is I am so slow! I used to could whip through and get so much what used to take me and hour or two might take me most of the day. I don't know when I got so slow.