Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wednesday, I thought it was Tuesday

     I know I wrote  Tuesday post, but in my brain it was really Monday.  This is what happens when I have a Monday holiday.  I also have to say the last 24 hours have been crazy. I had to take my cell phone into the company twice yesterday.  Both times took over an hour, in between I was trying get some things done in the shop.  The electrician came to finish the lights and the painter came to give me a bid when they were here I had three real estate calls.  One for 4:30, one for 6:30 and one for 1:00 today.

     The shop is pretty torn up, as I am moving everything to one side, have the painting done and then everything back to other side.  I called hubs and we decided to just have the whole shop painted as it is so dirty and has not been painted for over 18 years.  Hubs also gave in and is allowing me to have the outside painted.  I think just getting him out of the house brought him to his senses.

     In trying to get the shop ready to paint, I have had to move things and I finally crawled down into the widow well (three times) to scrape the red paint that has been splattered on the large window for that last 10 years.  You need a ladder to get down into these windows.  This took so much work, but the window finally looks great!

     Then I had to spend time wiping down cobwebs and dust behind pictures and things that have hung on the wall of the shop.  The missionaries called for more service hours.(I think they are desperate).  That is okay I can use the help.

     My plan this morning was to go with painter to home depot and get paint for the outside of the house, then the other painter was to arrive at 11:00 to start the inside.   The missionaries will arrive at 11:00 to help move everything.  But now where are we going to put things and still make the basement look nice?  Too much going on and it is hard for me to keep straight.

     I was just starting this blog about 8:15 and Hubs calls from Twin Falls, saying our neighbor had called him and I needed to go over and get the babies immediately.  So now the kids are here, I called and cancelled one of the painters until tomorrow, and we will just work around the kids.  They have destroyed the family room, but it will be easy to clean up.  At least the upstairs is spotless and 1/2 the shop is ready to paint.

     I am telling you the saying when it rains it pours is so true...  It is pouring here.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Good grief I'm tired just reading this! ...LOL. I thought my life was the onky crazy hectic one, I'm glad I'm not alone. 🥰❤

  2. You might have to start announcing that you are getting the house ready to sell and your time is limited to those that are used to you helping at the last minute

    1. I haven't seen the kids for a few months and my neighbor would never call unless it was truly necessary.

  3. that is an awful lot. Was the neighbors immediate child care need a real need emergency or a lack of planning emergency? I can't imagine why they called your husband when they had to know he was gone, and not you directly. That is very odd to me.

    1. It was an emergency. She works for a big utilities company and has been working from home, they had a major transformer go down and she had to go back to the office. The kids were only here for about two hours. They called hubs as he is the one that sets up our days to watch kids, they did not realize he was out of town. Hubs did not realize how scheduled the day was. IT turned out fine. They really do not call like this ever, so I was glad to help.

    2. You're such a good neighbor, and reading your post today, sounds like they return in love and laughs. Aren't I a Judgey McJudger, but I was curious and confused.

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