Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday, Quite a day

     It was a busy Saturday and so nice to be able to take care of problems with no one arguing with me and stalling and have fits.  Just got things done.  It was so easy.  Bagged up the meat took it to the land fill. Helped the handy man load up the fridge.  No nagging or begging, just did it.

    Had the missionaries, paint the closet, had two cut back the ivy, and two pull the rocks off the pond seams where it is leaking.  It was great.

     I picked out three LED lights again no arguing about which ones, or how much they cost and no one ranting about having to call someone in to fix something.

     Today I ran into the painter when I was walking the dog and he will be over this week to fix the ceiling.  I just told him it had to be done before Hub's got home, so I would not have to deal with 1000 questions and argue about how it was done.  Nor would I expect any help which would not come in a timely matter without 4000 reasons why my way was not right.

     Can you tell I am enjoying my freedom?  Not that I needed all these things to go wrong but if things are going to go wrong at least I can fix them without a scene.

     Right now my phone has stopped allowing me to txt or pick up messages, but the company is not open until Tuesday to see what is wrong and for some reason I can't seem to download photos off the phone either.
I finally got this one, and you can see the black marks.  I have three fixtures that did this.  I think the power surge that did the freezer also did all three of the lights.  So this is a major fix.

     It is in the low 80's today with out a cloud in the sky and I am going out for another long walk.

What are you guys doing today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Ugh, I'm so frustrated for you with the power surge & the lights/freezer. But, definitely the positives are that you can get everything cleaned up & sorted while your husband is gone.

  2. Maybe you need to see if anything was harmed by the power surge, like outlets and things plugged into that section of the wiring. The spots on the ceiling will show through paint. Well, mine did. Kilz will hide it. Now, they even have spray Kilz, I suppose to do jobs like this. This is Tommy's house, but it took a week of arguing with him, not being able to use kitchen sink or wash my hair and me missing church for him to reluctantly call a plumber. He has to pay $140 for a service call + labor and supplies. He paid the service call once for the commode but would not have him fix the beginning drain problem. He wastes money trying to save money. Hopefully, you will get this all fixed before he returns. Does he know about the light or the freezer yet?

  3. So glad you are having a productive week. Sounds like you are really getting a lot done. It is nice that the missionaries were able to help you out. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. We had a whole house surge protector installed. I am tired of replacing appliances... and if your phone was on the charger when it happened it might be the reason you are having troubles with it. We ordered ours from Amazon and our electrician installed it

  5. I believe if it was an electrical surge, you can claim any damage on homeowners. So that would be your lights, freezer, meat in the freezer, perhaps your phone and any labor to fix the lights. Of course, you might not want to put in a claim right before needing a new policy when you get your new house.....might be a little higher.

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