Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thursday, So much to tell you!

     Thanks for all the congrats on the house.  It was a hard day yesterday.  Hubs disappeared for hours and was not back to digi sign the papers, so I did it for him.  So passive aggressive.  But I had a huge sigh of relief when, it was finally done.  I was angry and hurt that he would pull this and he finally came home some what apologetic.  He just had to get out in the mountains, that was good for him to let go of some stress. 

     It is hard for me to put myself in his shoes, like Sheldon Cooper on the big bang theory , he really does have issues with change of any kind.  Right now the painter is on the back of the house and he starts early in the morning.  This is upsetting hubs, he has to close the curtains to the bathroom all the way.  He doesn't like the noise, he doesn't like having to close his curtains, he is tired of it.  It has been two days of having to close his curtains....He just cannot handle any inconvenience no matter how small.  Sometimes I just laugh at him, when I am not thinking of ways NOT to kill him.

     He will adjust, I just do not want to have to put up with the fallout.  Daughter #1 is on her way here with the boys.  We are doing a baby shower at Lil sis's Saturday.  Hubs and I went out to the grocer last night to pick up snacks and things for the boys.  We are so looking forward to them coming here for the weekend.

     Menus for the shower which is a brunch:

Cake pops, blue and pink ( Daughter #2)
chocolate dipped strawberries
pink and blue mock tails or cock tails
chicken salad rolls
acini d pepe fruit salad
shrimp pasts salad
green salad (d#3's mother in law)

So there will be cooking and we will be busy here tomorrow.  In the mean time I have a wedding dress to finish and two bridesmaid dresses to get out before daughter gets here. I am also going to look at a house!

I had better get busy, so much to do.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Have a great day, Kim. I hope the baby shower and cooking all go smoothly. Enjoy your visit with your dd and grandchildren. :)

    1. thanks, some are already here and this place is a wreck! A happy wreck...

  2. Hope the baby shower goes well. I truthfully understand your hubby - I just can't imagine going through all that. I don't want to ever move if I don't have to.
    Maybe a nice rendition of "Soft Kitty"...… would calm him down! LOL
    Have a good day.

  3. We have a baby shower for my niece Saturday, but we're going indiviudal serivce. Ejoy the dya and the boys for the weekend.

  4. Congratulations!
    I am so happy for you on the sale of your house!!!!!
    Best wishes with everything else. Cannot wait to see the pictures of the shower!

  5. I know that is a lot of stress on you! But, if you can just sew and fulfill those obligations, maybe you won't have to kill him. And, I hope you find a house you like.

  6. Have fun getting ready for the shower. What a gift you have that the house sold and you don't have to worry about keeping it clean while doing the shower prep!

    1. I know right now it is a wreck, but we can all go to my sisters and her house is spotless.

  7. Love my husband dearly, but he likes to question every decision we make. Typically, right before said decision gets executed. Going on vacation? Planned six months ago, all travel booked & paid for? Let's revisit the dates, location, hotel, etc. it's like that with everything, & drives me bananas. I've come to realize it's his process & way to work out & ensure we're maximizing everything. I've also shared how frustrating it is, which he largely gets but doesn't help much. ;-)

  8. Keep faith, it will lead you were you need to go... the right place at the right time.
    Just enjoy this time together for now... and if you figure out a good way to stop wanting to kill hubby let me know... I get to that point at times also

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