Thursday, May 9, 2013


     Did not get to bills last night just too unmotivated.   Did get a little more sewing done last night.  Today I have been working on a Wedding dress that is very difficult.  The bride was just here and it fit perfectly!  Yahoo!  Now I have to set the sleeves back in and replace the lace and pearls.

     Tonight I have a small performance with the advanced Jazz girls after I teach.  I also have to run to the post office and mail Mothers day cards and a package.  I have to admit I am feeling better.  I am just worried about a new infection all the time.  But hopefully I have nipped this one in the bud.  I picked up my expensive medication yesterday even though I cannot take it.  I know eventually I will be put back on this and I am going to stockpile a few months supply.  It is kept in the fridge and is good for a year.  Although it makes me nervous to think that I have $8000.00 worth of meds in the fridge.  What if the electricity fails? 

     Teacher Finance has a good post on time and its effect on debt.  When we are very busy do we spend less or more?  Does having to much to do keep you from spending money or do you waste it?  I have always felt that I waste money when I get too busy.  I don't pay attention and then blame my busy life on the debt.  I also spend to relieve stress and tell myself I deserve a treat as I worked so hard.  Sometimes I think I kept myself in a dither for years so I would not have to look at my spending.  I could blame and justify anything.   I have really tried to come to grips with this over the last 3 years.  I am still too busy but I am only doing 3 shows a year instead of 10.  I find myself just cutting back and trying to simplify, simplify.  I know it has helped my debt problems.

    But boy is this pay off slow.  I have not paid one bill this month and tomorrow is the 10th!  Ack!

Out My Window:  Hot, beautiful, turned off the heat at the studio.  Now I am just going to watch those bills go down.

Need to get busy, I am just having too much fun......

Have a great and productive day.





  1. Like you, when I am very busy I tend to spend a lot more either for convenience (fast food for dinner), comfort (Starbucks...every darn day), or because I deserve it (new purse?!). I think that is pretty common behavior.

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  3. I bet you get such satisfaction when you work on something hard but then it turns out and fits perfectly :)