Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, Did someone say Christmas?

     Well I survived Nutcracker and it went very well.  I was very tired yesterday and slept most of the day.  I did not even get out of my jammies.  Hubby was not too pleased with me not gong to church as I was not sick, just very tired, physically and emotionally, but too darn bad.  I know God loves me even if I stayed home.

     I have been running around putting crap away.  Every room I go into has Kim and Nutcracker droppings in it.  I stop and put away a few things and move on.  I have the garage cleaned out, hubby will be so happy.  All of the glitter and spray paint is put away.  I was able to get the Christmas things from the Church Christmas party put away.  I have been tripping over that basket for a week.  I have a basket full of things to put away upstairs when I run up there to do my hair and put on some makeup.  I washed my hair and went to bed with it wet Saturday night.  I have done nothing with it and it is quite scary.

     Now my desk, my shop and the shop bathroom are a disaster.  I have plenty of sewing that has to go out so I need to attack that soon.  There is not one clean cereal or soup bowl in the kitchen and it smells like something died in the trash.  I will need to see to that before I hit the studio which is not put together at all.  My ballet Mistress and I will pull out the floor and tape is the rest can stay until I can get a few volunteers down to help me put stuff away. 

  Hubby's 63rd Birthday is on Thursday and the kids are coming down for dinner.  I will have fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and German Chocolate cake.  I also have to take a meal into a dance mom who had her baby at 10 in the morning the day of the recital.  A lot of excitement at rehearsal I can tell you. Just starting to get the piles of stuff put away is such a relief.  Cleaning and getting back to status quot is calming.

     Put together a deposit for the studio so I can pay the rent.  I think most of the other bills are paid, but I will have to look.  Now I just want a calm inexpensive Christmas.  I will be going to Mom's on New years to spend a few days with mom and sis.  I sure hope little sis can come.

     Even though I have a lot to do, I just feel so calm and relaxed.  Like it will get done, don't worry.  That horrible time crunch pressure is off.  I am getting together with one of my home bound sewing clients to bake Christmas cookies and she is so excited. I am going to sew us Christmas aprons for the fun of it.  Just because I can and I want to.  Oh, to be able to do something just because I want to is so nice.

     I need to go up and get those dishes done, and maybe I can attack to shop and it's bathroom.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It's a Christmas Miracle....Kim survived Nutcracker Hell yet again!! ;-)

  2. Glad for you that your Nutcracker is over! :) I am counting down to this Friday when school is out of 2 weeks...the kids at school have been nutty! But I will make it through just like you did!