Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday, Enjoying my life...

     I cleaned and organized all day yesterday, still have work to do in the shop and the bathroom.  But well on my way to an organized house, I think!  Hubby was shocked by his clean garage.  He could drive into it.  We have decided that he would take the car every morning as it is cold and frosty and I rarely go anywhere until 3 or 4 then the truck is in the sun and does not need to be scraped.  If I need the car I can just go switch at his car pool drop off.  But I hate to go out and scrape a cold car in the dark when there is a warm one sitting in the garage.  So why should he get up every other week and go out and scrape a cold truck in the dark?  He was almost apologizing to me for taking the car.  I told him I did not care as long as it was cold to take it.

     I really have a to sew today.  I slept in and was awoken by the videographer at 9:20!  Can you believe that?  But I don't even care.  The students are coming to the studio at 4 to watch and have a party.  I am going to finish what is left in the shop.  As hubs took the car yesterday it did not get unloaded and all that stuff is sitting in the basement.  I also brought home a few boxes of things from the studio that belong at home, so I will go through those and find a place for everything.

     Yesterday I went to the studio and my Mistress helped me put away things and then the advanced class taped the floor the little darlings.  One of the moms and a few dancers started to help me to organize the upstairs. There is still a lot to do, but I will work on it tonight and Wednesday. My goal is to get it done before Christmas so I can come back to the studio and not have to worry about cleaning. It was just funny to clean and organize all day yesterday and then go to the studio and do the same thing.  Then go clean a bank. I felt like the Jolly janitor.  At least I was Jolly!

     Still have not really thought about Christmas, need to get crackin' on that I think.  Just don't really care for the stress right now.  I am too busy enjoying the moment.


     Sis and I had started dancing lessons the year before with a French Ballet teacher.  I loved dance, I could not understand her very well, but I loved her.  That year of dance was always fuzzy to me and I am sure it was because I could not see.  Our 3rd grade year we started at a Ma /Pa studio run by an old Vaudeville couple, the Walters.  When I say old I mean OLD.  Like in their 70's.   They could dance beautifully.  Mrs. Walters smoked heavily and I remember blue smoke always hanging on the air of the studio.  Sis and I were very petite, hard workers, we were also terrible show offs.  We were a perfect couple of show men.  By the end of the year we were her stars so to speak.  She took us every where to perform.  We were able to do some amazing acrobatic tricks.  I think because we were twins we were able to think alike and did not mind working hard together.  The only thing I disliked about performing was that I had to take my glasses off and I hated the blur.  I felt so helpless.

     Sis and I developed different sets of friends.  I loved walking to school with my little sister and Sis would pick up her friends Lori and Mary Jo.  I was always very creative and I learned to make sock puppets and to sew on an old treadle sewing machine.  I really liked to sew.  I did so many nonsense projects. Christmas was coming and we were so excited.  Sis wanted a Barbie House and she wanted me to get the Barbie swimming pool.  I was not going to get anything even closely related to sis.  I found a large red and black long haired toy dog, in the toy department.  I knew sis would hate that dog and think it a dumb gift.  Mom tried to talk me out of it also, what would I do with it?  But I persisted.  Sis used all of her persuasion to get me to get the Barbie swimming pool but I really wanted the dog.  Christmas eve Mom laid out new navy pleated skirts and blue and red sweaters.  We had new white knee hi's and black Mary Janes.  We were all going upstairs for Christmas Eve dinner with grandma and the cousins.  I had resigned my self to the Barbie swimming pool.

     There was a lot of action that year  The uncles and dad had a big refrigerator box out in the garage that they were wrapping.  Grandma was used to getting huge packages from my Uncle from over seas.  He was serving on a Submarine the USS QUEEN FISH.  This was Grandma's baby and subs were disappearing right and left at that time, it was very scary.  What could be going into that box?  It was a mystery.  But Uncle Denny had said to get a big box wrapped for a special delivery.  Grandma was beside herself as Uncle had sent her huge ugly statues of foreign gods, huge stereo speakers,boxes of old blown glass fishing floats and nets.  Just really odd stuff.  It was a family joke as to what would be next.

     Well as usual the drink was flowing and the Uncles were out in the garage finishing the final wrapping of the large delivery.  I remember all of us kids going out and watching them carefully pick up the box, whispering and laughing.  "Don't tip it too fast", "Careful", "you don't' want it to spill!"  It was a long struggle to get it out of the garage and into the front room in front of the Tree.  Finally it was upright and waiting for grandma and us kids to help pull off the paper.  We counted to three and out burst Uncle Denny from the front of the box.  He just walked out in his Navy dress Uniform with a martini in his hand.  He had not spilled a drop with all that tipping and lifting.  He was so handsome and Grandma was crying and hugging him.  It was a wonderful Christmas surprise.

     Later that night as we were getting ready for bed so Santa could come, I thought about what I would get.  I knew I would get the swimming pool, it was more practical and we could play with it together, it matched Sis's house.  I said my prayers and told God that I would not be disappointed as I was so glad Uncle Denny was home and safe for now, I was so happy Grandma was happy and relieved.  It had been hard watching her fret as US Subs went missing week after week.  I remember for the first time in my life just trying to be grateful. 

     It was strictly forbidden for us to get up in the middle of the night on Christmas eve. But for some reason I woke and I debated on whether or not to get up.  I lay for a long time and finally snuck into the front room on the pretext of going to the bathroom which was on route.  All the lights were off except for the Christmas tree.  On the lower mantle of the fireplace was a large Red Dog.  I remember sneaking over and picking it up.  It was almost as large as I was.  I started to dance with the dog, hugging it to me.  Imagine a little blond girl with a long braid down her neck, in a blue flannel nightie dancing with a large red dog above her head, dancing in the soft lights of a Christmas tree.  Around and around, I had finally received a present just for me.

     Well I as off to the races.

Have a great and productive day!


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