Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, So much to do.

    I got through the weekend without killing hubby.  Well actually he was really good.  I raced around Friday and hemmed 17 pairs of jeans.  Also made 3 almond cakes and boiled up some new potatoes and reheated frozen meatballs.  D#2 was home and went to the store for me, she bought the exchange gift and filled the car with gas , she also bought me a new crockpot!  My old one was over ? years old as I had bought it at a yard sale over 20 years ago.  The new one has a stone center that you can pull out to clean and it also is about 2X as large.  Judy would be so jealous.  I just worked on Nutcracker projects and sewing.  I went to studio and checked in, handed out a few costumes and then drove out to Orophino for Hubs work party, which was boring, but I got to see the new boss.  I have nothing in common with these people, however they are very nice.

     Saturday, was hell.  Rehearsal all day, trying to get kids costumes, did not quite succeed, but only the older kids and adults are left.  I think we got all the little ones.  I called hubs to get the crock pot restarted. I was pulling costumes for the Nativity.  Hubs came to studio with the truck to get the stable and manger and helped to load costumes.   D#2 and I could not find out battery operated star lights so we ran to Shopko and found 3 sets on sale for $4.99.  Which was great and I will use them in the Nutcracker.  We got home and she burned a CD, pulled Swedish Christmas display together, ran upstairs and hubs had precooked my potatoes, so I threw everything in the crockpot with cream and salt and pepper.  Made up a double batch of krumkakke dough and off we went.  Arrived at the church just in time to snag a spot for the display and set up our cooking area.  There was no way I was going to be able to supervise the baking of Krumkakke and serving of meat balls and get 60 kids costumes and on stage.  So I left d#2 and her boyfriend in charge of the irons and then Hubs in charge of the meatballs.  I ate something really quick and ran to get kids ready. 

     They were wild!  No help until finally a few sisters came in right before they were going to sing.  Got the little bounders on stage, I was a wee bit snarky.  Okay I was a B^%ch.  The kids were darling of course.  12 cows, assorted sheep, shepherds, kings, Mary, Joseph, donkey, stars, angels, singers.  Just adorable.  Now have to undress and pack all that crap up.  But I think I was nasty enough that others went in and did it for me.  Loaded all into car and truck.  Found out Hubs did not get to eat.  Bought him a burger.  D#2 and I went to Joanns to get material for the last of the costumes.  Came home and crashed.  Up for church and practice with the kids for Christmas Sunday.  Hubs wants to invite Missionaries home for Sunday dinner.

      Has he seen the kitchen?  Did we go get our usual Saturday night groceries for the Sabbath?  Will he cook the meal and clean up?  I about took his face off.  We had no milk, no bread.  So I came home and slept for 4 hours, hubs ate cracker and cheese.  He also cleaned the kitchen with no face, it was a miracle.  I sat and crocheted on my table cloth watched two sessions of Downton Abbey and then went to bed.  It was a day of rest.  Hubs went to rehearsal and stayed clear of me, smart man.

     I have two helpers coming over at 10:30 to cut out costumes. We also need to put the muslin on the growing Christmas tree and get it painted with the first coat.  Then artist will have to finish. I am so glad as I hate cutting crap out.  I need to do my books and pay some bills. I mean I have to, it is getting ridiculous.

     Out My Window:  Very cold here.  In fact the pipe froze but hubs got them going.  I need to run water out to chicken.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wait you got a new crockpot? What is her name? What does she look like? How big is she? I mean wow you had a really busy weekend...Seriously what have you named her

  2. I think I'l go lay down now. Seriously. You wear me out!

  3. Wow so buys as usual! I hope you can get a bit of down time after the holidays!