Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday, rehash goals, ugh!

   My goal right this minute is to not wet my pants when I cough.  Which I think is a grand old goal if I do say so myself.  I need to make up a salad and and dessert for a funeral this afternoon.  Hubby is speaking at the funeral and I have not decided whether I will go or not.  Coughing is so aggravating, but we will see.

     I went to church just long enough to hear Hubby's quartet play and then went home and stayed in bed all day yesterday hoping to knock this cold. My lower back and sternum are sore from coughing.

     I have not posted the numbers for the month and I need to dig out my progress slips. Have been mewling around goals in my head for the new year.  Have not really looked to see how I did on the old ones.  Financially I feel like the year was a flop, maybe not.  I am now going to LOOK!

     I did not achieve one of my financial goals this year.  Not one.  I did not pay off the truck, I did not pay off the credit cards, I did not keep a running total of my money on the blog, I did not, I did not. I am an unorganized financial mess.  Because, because I want to be.  No ones fault but my own.

     I did save at least 10% of my income, our house is below $100,000, I did cut back on the amount of travel we have done in the past, and I also did no outside work for any of the schools or colleges.  So I am trying to slow down.  These are all good things.  I also had Christmas on budget which is the the first time in like EVER!

     I do have new goals for the NEW YEAR, but have yet to really formulate them.  Stay tuned.....

Right now I am going to change my pants as I failed goal at the top of the page!:)


  1. Oh, Kim I hope you feel better soon! Coughing can get very dangerous as we age...:)!

  2. Oh, those nasty colds just keep going around and around (said she and sniffed...). I hope you feel better very soon and be ready for the New Year!!

  3. Having had bronchitis the year before last, and coughing both lungs out for 4 days (and nights!) straight before I decided it was enough and dragged my butt to the doctor's, I feel for you. I hope you feel better soon. Saving 10% of your income is huge! I think you did fantastic considering all that happened this year and how busy the shows keep you.

  4. Awwww... It seems that 2013 was just a tough year all the way around... Get better soon.

  5. Feel better soon! And quit beating yourself up. You saved 10% of your income?? That's amazing!! Wish I could say that. You're too much like me - you set too many goals. Pick a couple of realistic ones. Then any other progress will be gravy!