Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday, It is snowing!

     You will not believe how much better I feel just 2 days on this new medication for my lungs.  Eye doctor discovered an infection in my eyes. I got up this morning and my eyes were not gooped shut with crap.  I just feel better.  Did not even realize I didn't feel good. I was shocked by my prescriptions $176.39.   I have no  money for this it is Christmas.  Why we have an emergency fund.   I still have a little bit of sewing to complete before the Holiday. Then I am getting ready to leave for D#!'s and our grandson, who by the way can say, "Hello grandma."  Which makes him the smartest 2 year old on the planet.

       Hubby shoveled snow until late into the evening.  He has been out shoveling all morning.  He will go down and shovel out the older people down the street, but I believe he will pull out the snow blower for that job.   We had about 6 inches of snowfall which is a lot for this area.  Fortunately we are all equipped.  We have two vehicles with 4 wheel drive when needed.  D#2 has 4 wheel on demand and the baby had studded snow tires.  Cars all over the rode last night and many accidents.

     I am about ready for Christmas.  Still have not found Hubby a gift will work on that today.  I am also going to wrap all the gifts today and make sure all the laundry is done that we will need for our trip. I have so much laundry to do and house work.  It is so nice to have some free time to do what I want, when I want.

     Monday I have 6 little dance students coming over to cook and craft with Miss Kim.  Two of the dancers come from a home where there is a brand new baby, one just had her tonsils out, two have a mother out of town for a death in the family and dad NEEDS a break, another is the child of a dentist who will be doing community service dental work all day. So we are going to sew pot holder for Christmas, make beautiful sparkly treasure jars, and decorate cookies and make candy.  That should fill the day.  What fun, parents were more than grateful to get rid of the little angels and I am looking forward to the day.

     My mom is having so much fun with Sissie I may not get her back.  Sis put down that Credit Card.  Put it down now I say!  Even though I am looking forward to Christmas, I can't wait to see my mom and my sissie.

     I guess I had better get dressed as it is almost 11:00.  Do little house work and get the laundry started.

Out My Window:  Winter wonder land. Perfect snowman snow!

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Hope you feel better soon!! That's an expensive prescription for an eye infection!! Ouch!

  2. Hope your feeling better. Its actually 60 degrees here so I am cleaning and have the windows open!!

  3. Snow, that's so awesome. You can send it over my way any day. Hope you keep getting better!

  4. You are so nice! Even though you are so busy you still take time to do a sewing project with little kids to give their parents some relief during the busy holiday season. Good for you!