Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday, Nutcracker Hell day 4

     I get more tired every day, but things are getting done.  Our Nutcracker prince sat in the swan sleigh and broke it, so hubs was down at studio fixing it during rehearsal last night.  Rehearsal went even better with Adult dancers, many of whom danced for me years ago when I was with the University.  They were all so excited to come back and do this production with me.

     I was busy sewing ribbons on pointe shoes yesterday and I had a lit candle in front of me to sear the ribbons.  If I use a lighter I always burn myself.  Well the phone rang and I bent over to get it, and singed the end off of part of my left eyelashes.  So I have really long eyelashes(because of a medication I take) and on my left eye right in the middle is a bald spot where the lashes are about 1/4 inch.  Hoping no one would notice, but my specialist is one of the dancers and he notices right away.  "Kim you really must slow down"  Yeah, yeah, I have been listening to you say that for years, they are going to find me dead among the set pieces one of these days.  Hopefully after the show.

     I ran like a raped ape yesterday and still did not get done what I wanted or needed.  I will just keep plugging away.  My house is a disgusting pigsty, I mean really.  Maybe tonight I can do a run through when I get home.  What am I thinking I will be too tired.  Okay I will live in squalor for a few more days. Or maybe I will catch up in the shop and have a few minutes this afternoon before I leave.

     My Sissie is doing the 12 days of Christmas with my Mom.  This is so fun, also a lot of work.  Hey Sis can you say those gifts are from me also?

  Sorry no story today, just too much to do.  Once I get writing I don't want to stop.

Out My Window:  Freezing, I mean in the single digits.  We have a space heater in with the chicken.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. We are freezing too... I really want my summer back :( I hope, you have enough time of the day to do everything you want today (not that it ever happens...) But you do need to slow down :)

  2. Can I get your email to send you pics? So sorry to hear about your eyelashes.

  3. A space heater? Lucky chickens :) my dad used to give our chickens a light bulb to huddle around lol! SLOW down a little could ya? That was a little close to your eye! I've singed my bangs before but never my eyelashes!