Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, Nutcracker hell begins!

    I have already been online ordering Nutcracker crap.  So I can check three things off my list.  Now I am going to update my totals for the month and get the studio books done and I am also going to get three dress uniforms ready before I leave for rehearsal.  Just ran in to get totals for sidebar and cleaned off the desk of receipts so I will at least have a clean work surface.  I just have so much to do I am buzzing instead of breathing.

     I am really discouraged with my debt payoff.  It just seems to be going no where.  I really need to be able this next year to attack the house so it can be paid off by the time Hubs retires but that is not going to happen.  Don't know what to do.  I can run the numbers until I am blue in the face and it still doesn't happen.  I do like that fact that the house goes down at least $1000 a month and I also see that I can make the truck loan go down by $500 if I pay a little more each month.  After the Nutcracker I will sit down and figure a way to start knocking off bills.  Really that truck and the studio lock need to go by-by.  That would give me plenty to put toward the house, or other bills.  I am going to quit worrying about this right now as I have other things to worry about.

     Jenny and Sarah give me hope as I love to see how they just persevere. Then I look at Judy and think how stressed she is and I am right there with her.  So glad we have each other to feel sorry for as it takes our minds off our own problems.  I need to go to the bank and make a deposit before I go to the studio.

Sorry no story today no time:)

Have a great and productive day.



  1. See Sluggy waving hi over at eBay Hell......

  2. Friends who stress out together....well...they stick together. And they waive at Sluggy over ebay hell and your brave sluggy I would just donate it and be done. But you are much more patient that me

  3. I'd like a little eBay hell right now. My living room consists of 1 chair, a stool and an ottoman plus 2 sheets of plywood leaning up against the wall waiting for the floor guy to do his things tomorrow. I'm already way over what I wanted to spend on flooring and I still haven't paid him for installing ceramic tile over the next 2 days and then another whack of money to the guy who's going to carpet our basement stairs. I'm in over my head. Moan. I really shoulda just listed it as is for a bargain price - living in a house in the winter getting renovated is my own version of hell.