Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday, We might see the sun today....

     The news said  it maybe sunny this afternoon and I am praying they are right.  I desperately need sunshine.

     Yesterday I sewed and mom made banana bread with a 1/2 the bag of bananas I bought for .50 on mark down.  I also helped her do up a double batch of sugar cookies.  I will have to roll them out today sometime.  I hope to do it in the Sun  that should be streaming into my kitchen window.  We will do shamrocks, for mom's church and Sis's office.

     I have several things to do in the shop this morning and then I plan to go upstairs and enjoy myself.

I still have to paint a Celtic belt so it can dry by morning.

I have several appointments today in the shop,  I hope people pick up I needs the money.  I am trying to get through the weekend without buying any groceries.  We will see.  I should be able to do this.

     Tomorrow is dress rehearsal in the morning and performance at night.  Can't wait to see my kidlets on stage.

Mom actually cooked dinner again yesterday.  We had scalloped potatoes and ham, but she over cooked the potatoes and it was more like a very thick soup but delicious. Served, with green beans and salad.  I just pulled a bag of ham out of freezer.  You know we have potatoes and onions in this state.

How many meals can one make out of a Large ham, shank?

Cook ham  1 meal plus one additional leftover meal.

sandwich slices,  cold ham sandwich and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches

Freeze ham in packages for:

sliced ham for scalloped potatoes
chopped ham for quiches
bean soup Use bone to make this.
split pea soup
lentil soup

I can usually get 10 to 12 meals off of one ham.  That makes it a very economical meat.

Try it.  How many meals can you come up with?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Homemade mac and cheese with ham in it!

  2. Hams are the greatest value, especially when you buy them on sale and freeze them!