Sunday, March 12, 2017

Monday, Saving madness

     I survived yet another Celtic show.  The kids did great. I was proud of them.  I am glad it is over.  The house is a wreck, I did get my shop straightened up.  Hub's and I did get to walk the bridges today and that was nice.  It was sunshiny but overcast and warm enough.  I am tired from the rehearsal and show yesterday.  It is so nice to get on to something new.

     There are three weeks of March left and I hope to make the most of them.  Keep my spending down and my work load up. I did get the house payment and sissie's check sent on Saturday between rehearsal and show.  Now I just have to tackle a few other monthly bills and I think I can do that.  I hope I can do that.

     I have taken pictures of several of mom's apron and  potholder combos and I am getting ready to post those to the Etsy site.  I also have many baby things, mostly blankets and burp clothes.  It takes time to set this up and time is something I have not had a lot of, but I think I will be a little more organized now that the show is over.

So on to my Savings for the week:

1. Ate all but one meal at home.
2. Used pantry and freezer stash for meals.
3.  Went grocery shopping with coupons and freebies
4.  Went to rite-aid and added to my stash for 0 dollars using points and coupons
5. Used coupons at Jo-anns for shop supplies
6. fed all table scraps to chickens
7. Made homemade cookies for mom to take to church rather than buying
8. purchased 4 larger plant pots at second hand stores to use in replanting over grown plants.
9. Purchased all my herbs at trader joes in Seattle for 1.99 a piece.  They are usually 4.99 here and I can grow anything but herbs from seed.  ?????
10.Found a plant stand I have been looking for since we redid the dining room.  $19.99 at IKEA sister painted it gloss white for me.
11.  Split one of my African violets into two plants and when it blooms I will give it to someone as a gift.

  We are out of milk, bread, butter, soda, powder sugar, some fresh veggies and fruit, so I will be hitting the store tomorrow.

    Hubs and I will also be going to look at french drain supplies.  I hope to be able to get some work on it this week if the weather holds off a little.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I wish you nice weather so you can get outside. We have a snow squall warning in effect and it's -8c. It seems that we had spring and then winter this year. I wonder if summer will be fall and fall will be summer? Glad the show went well and is OVER! Hope your pace slows down a wee bit.

    1. Really need spring to be here, but winter does not want to give up.

  2. So glad the show was a success. I figured it would be. Nice that you can have some time without it looming overhead.
    Enjoy the budding spring and take some time for you!