Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday, Saving Madness!

   We just got back from my cousin's birthday in Seattle and it was a fun quick trip.  My little sister drives like a bat out of hell and I was in the backseat getting throw all over in spite of my seat belt.  I am home and I am safe and I am still sick to my stomach.

     We celebrated mom and Williams birthday in Spokane and it was so cute.  He was 1 and she was 84 it was a sweet little family get together.

Things I did last week to save money:

1. Cooked all but one meal from scratch at home
2. Stocked up on cereal again with coupons paying $1.50 or less per box
3. played Albertsons stupid monopoly game and received 4 free cartons of yogurt
4. did a rite aid shop buying 78.12 worth of product for 21.67  I know not as good as Sluggy.
5. Bought a family pack of pork chops enough for 4 meals for $6.88.
6. Bought sewing supplies with coupons
7. purchased a few stocking stuffers at various stores for pennies.
8. refused to go out to dinner AGAIN Friday night while we were at daughters.  I knew we would have to pick up the tab so I asked her what she had at home.  She had shrimp in the freezer.  Great!  Had Sis run out for a loaf of french bread.
 Shrimp Alfredo from the pantry:

Start package of Alfredo noodles to boil
Daughters shrimp was already cooked and tail removed  ( I always by the uncooked as it has more flavor then cook it and remove skins)

1/2 cube butter melt in skillet
chop 1/2 a large onion fine add to melted butter
chop 1/2 whole clove of garlic fine add to butter ( 4-5 sleeves)

cook this until translucent

Add 2 heaping table spoons of flour then some  Salt and pepper to taste
add a can of chicken broth
add left over cream from fridge
add milk and stir to a soft boil into a thickened sauce
add shrimp and cook until  heated through ( if sauce is too thin toss shrimp in flour before adding to sauce)
add a dash of pepper flakes
add 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese right before serving

Toss a salad and butter some french bread

There a great meal for a .99 cent loaf of french bread.  Also plenty of left overs.

Things I did that were stupid with money:
Took mom out to dinner ordered a meal I could not eat that made me sick.  Okay it did make mom happy.

Will be altering costumes today for the Celtic show this weekend.  I also have several people that have appointments in the shop.  Hope to get a little yard work done. Need to pay some bills.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It is amazing how a little time and a few ingredients can create a restaurant quality meal, isn't it? Smart move on your part especially if you would be stuck paying for the meal. My son 's have a slow reach at restaurants that allows us to pick up the check too.

    1. Amazing isn't it? One daughter an attorney married to an attorney. They pay cash for cars, the next one an anesthetist hygienist married to a TOP cop. Youngest and significant other both college grads that need to go on but still make more than hubs and I ever have.