Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday, Winner, Winner, Winner!


 This container holds the winner!

           Somewhere in here is the winner.....
               Yeah, Send me your address and I will 
                    send you your apron!

      Mom had an appointment for a shot in her eye at 8:10 this morning, so I was up early, yawn.....

We are supposed to have some sun this afternoon, but it is rainy cold and overcast right now so?
The school bond PASSED!  I am so happy, I know mt property taxes will go, but we need a new high school and you have to pay taxes.  Get over it already.

Mom has another appointment at 3:00 to day yippee!  I am going to get a wedding dress done today and I have two more coming in also today!  Fun.

Will be making enchiladas for dinner, yum.  Usually I make both chicken and beef one with flour and one with corn, then I will freeze a pan.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. oooh enchiladas!!!! and yuck to a shot in the eye.

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations! The apron is really cute!
    Hope you have a great day. Mom gets the eye shot thing on Friday and she is already dreading it. In fact she get one then spends the next 3 months dreading the next one.

    1. I have had 7 eye surgeries and have to have secondary cataracts removed from both eyes again!

    2. AH! I didn't know cataracts could form again. What is the reason shot in the eye? I cannot believe I did not enter your contest. I will just have to put you on my blog roll.

    3. See all the fun you are missing?

  3. I wouldn't mind a shot in the eye if I got to eat enchiladas after :)

  4. THank you and your mom so much.. I am so excited that I won.. YEA!!!
    So sorry about the shot in the eye.. Sounds TERRIBLE..EEEEH.. Praying for her.