Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday, I actually did something:)

     My post yesterday was all about my inner brat getting her way, and then sometimes for know reason you can just send that brat to the corner.

     I actually got this old butt of mine moving.  I got up from posting and went upstairs to make mom some french toast.  I know I know I did not want to but I did because mom's outer brat is bigger than my inner brat.

     I left the beds unmade and went to work in the shop.  Hemmed 10 pairs of levis, adjusted 16 hat bands and then got a call from new studio owner wanting me to teach for 1.5 hours.  Of course I did and the kids were cute and fun, but it screwed up my evening.

     However when I got home at 6:15 Mom had cooked dinner.  It was good and I was surprised as she usually won't do this kind of thing.  I mean cooking dinner is helpful.

Hub's was a grump because it poured rain all yesterday and he could not take a walk.  I am afraid we have more of the same today.

     I decided after dinner to go ahead and transplant my house plants.  I had wanted to do this outside but I never have a chance when it is not raining, so I made a mess of the kitchen and then cleaned it up.  I was so happy to get that off my list.  The plants were happy also as they had on shoes that were just too tight.  Split my African violet in 1/2 and I will use it for a gifty for someone special.

     Then I got  call from another teacher at the studio. her key won't lock the front door.  So off I go at 8:45 to lock up.  Studio owner calls me upset because she knows I am making another trip down town, but it is a 5 minutes round trip drive for me and a 30 minute minimum for her.  So no brainer.  Then I went to Rite aid and picked up a few things.  I had a couple of coupons for a buy one get one free that were going to expire.  Then home to exercise and put mom to bed.

     So I did do something in fact I did more than something.  I must pay house payment today and send money back to Sis.

     Anyway I hope today will be as productive.



  1. Proud you had a good day.. And mom cooked for you..[know that was a big help]
    Teaching the kids is fun, isn't it? Have a great day.

    1. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is exhausting.

  2. I hope your day was awesomely productive!
    and I got your note... No way are you serious on coming to help me sew! Your life is total rush and I don't know how you could spare the time. I do appreciate the offer tho. If things haven't calmed down by May, I'll be in touch!

  3. You have too much get up and go to be slow long (even when you are sick)