Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday, Getting some Sun today?

     I woke up to sunshine and now I have to hem four items and then  I am going out side to get dirty.  My shop is full of wedding dresses and items waiting for pickup it will be a busy day.

Got mom through her two appointments yesterday only to find out she will have 10 more this next few weeks. Why I can't get things done.

If people will pick up their finished items I could pay off another debt.  Every one I chip away gives me more money to start on the next one.  I am hoping top be able to knock out another one by the end of the month.

So many things need to be done around here.  I need another eye surgery, my car tires are bald, hub's truck needs to be fixed from a hit and run.  All of this takes money not to speak of new glasses and upcoming dental bills.  I still have dental insurance but hub's does not.  There is always something standing there to take your hard earned money.

I try to be grateful for the fact that we have good teeth and the ability to still earn money, but paying off the debt will help with cash flow and that will help Kim sleep at night.

Well I am off to get some fun!

have a great and productive day!



  1. Kim, hope you have a good day..
    You are one busy girl.. makes me tired thinking about all the stuff you do . smile.
    Best wishes on paying off the debts..It will come.. one penny at a time.. Just hang on... When we were paying off our house, I sewed little girl dresses and sold on ebay.. Worked around the clock [almost..ha].. It was so slow . But, finally it happened. I am shocked you didn't hear me shouting from
    Have a blessed day.

    1. I know,it takes time, but I feel like I work myself to death and make just a little progress. But I am grateful.

  2. OH I know the feeling about something always taking your hard earned money! You will tackle all of the debt, I have faith in you!

  3. Keep making that steady progress. We will all get there in good time! I'm cheering you (and everyone else) on. We can do this!

  4. Hope you go to dig in the dirt some today. Also, what bride lets a dress sit with the seamstress instead of rushing out to pick it up?

    1. Many, many brides. They don't have the money to pick them up and don't want the responsibility of storing them.