Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday, Money Saving Madness

     Here it is Monday again.  The weekend went by so fast.  It rained off and on all day Saturday but when it wasn't raining I was in the back yard working on the french drain.  I feel like I have spent forever in the dirt and muck and I am not making any progress.

     On Saturday, grandson went out with me for a while and crawled around in the mud and tasted rocks.  We had so much fun.  Mud Grandmas are the best kind of Grandma.  Then we went inside a took a bath because we were both very dirty.  That was also fun.  He had a warm bottle of milk and I had a soda and we took a nap.

     Sunday I had a long nap after church I told hub's if he woke me up he was dead.  But mom of course came messing in the room to see what was for dinner.  She never says anything just squirrels around until I get up.  I think Hub's put her up to it.

     The shop is swamped so I will be busy all week.  I am happy about it let me tell you.  That 2.5 months of solid bad weather and snow was horrible on my cash flow.  I am still climbing out.  So I need all the work I can get.

 Things I did this week to save money:

1. Cooked all meals at home from pantry stock (except for Birthday dinners)
2.  Let mom take me out to diner on Thursday for my birthday
3. Had dinner at Sis' for my birthday (hey free food counts)
4.  Made homemade cookies for mom's church that she was asked to bring
5.  Used coupons for groceries and free items from Albertson's monopoly game
6. Stayed home Wednesday spending no money or gas
7. Fed all scraps to chickens to supplement their food
8.  Always use cloth napkins for all meals
9.  Use a sponge for spills and clean up, (I can make a roll of paper towels last a month)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Waking me up is a cardinal sin. How old is the grandson? I always use cloth napkins and dish cloths at my house, and free food is free food anywhere you get it, one of my favorite things. Somehow, it disturbs people who come to my house and want to wipe something up and "need" a paper towel.

  2. I am into cloth as well for drips and spills. I don't even remember my mother having any paper towels or paper napkins. And my dad used cloth hankies, not kleenex. That makes me a little queasy but even I will use a cloth for my nose when I am hiking in the winter. Much more practical than a couple of ragged wet kleenex's in my pocket - ewwww!

  3. Proud you and grandson got to enjoy the mud together.. My granddaughter [almost 16 stayed the weekend with fun..].

    Tell your mom, I received my apron in the mail on Saturday.. I am soooo happy ..It is beautiful and the hot pads wonderful.. So very sweet. Tell her, I will think about her and pray for her, each time I wear it. My granddaughter used it on Sunday, when she made muffins.. Loved it. [and we never noticed anything was upside]
    thank you both.

    1. So happy that you received it. I love that style wraps all the way around and I am a hand hip wiper.