Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday, Money Saving Madness!

     It was a great weekend.  I spent Saturday just vegging around after a long walk.  Lil Sis took mom Friday evening and brought her back last night.  Mom was tired and I gave her a much needed pedicure and put her to bed.  I had thoroughly cleaned her room and bath while she was gone.  I was so tempted to go through her piles o crap but I didn't.  I did have to change all her bedding again.  I am growing used to this.

     Sunday was conference Sunday for the church so I stayed in my jammies the first session and after wards I kicked my butt in gear to see how much house work I could get done between 2 sessions.  I cleaned the master bedroom and bath, the spare room and bath, the hall, and it's rugs and started the beans I had on to soak.  I was a sweaty mess when the second session started two hours later.  I was also transferring laundry as I went.

     It is no easy task to clean this house.  The windows desperately need to be replaced and it is so dusty.  We do not have any carpeting upstairs and with the animals and general living our house can get very dusty.  By the time you change the sheets on three beds, remove all the area rugs and sweep and mop and vacuum rugs you are tired.  Three bathrooms need scrubbing ( mom's is scary) and all the floors steamed.

     I was not able to get to the kitchen or the front room until after the second session of conference and I had to force myself to move, but I did it!  The kitchen is clean and the front room is dusted and mopped and vacuumed.  The dining room plants were removed and windowsills wiped down.  I steam mopped the floors in the kitchen.  Hub's got home from playing in the pit and had a clean upstairs all the laundry done and hot homemade bean soup.  Again he did not go to orchestra as he had already played for three hours.

     Conference was very inspiring and I look forward to it twice a year.  It is a great renewing of my faith.  I am so grateful for the gospel in my life.

     Last night I paid all the bills on line and then piled up the ones that need checks and will do those after this post.  It is a miracle to me to be able to pay all my bills at the first of the month and then not worry the rest of the month.  I have never ever been able to do this.  This is the blessing of getting out of debt.  I am still along way from OUT, but have reached a state where there is enough to pay everything and then save some and make some progress on debt.  It is a feeling of peace.  I still have major fears over money and having enough, but I can feel like I am getting out and I may be able to take a deep breath once in a while.

Money saving madness.

1. We ate all our meals at home and no eating out this week
2. Pulled potatoes, squash, peppers, tomatoes out of the garden all week.
3. Made another huge pot of vegetable/meat spaghetti sauce and froze 8 large bags for later use.  Only thing purchased was the ground beef.
4. Found ground beef (yes again) on sale when I went to get milk.  It was marked down to .99 a pound and was the good 90/10.  So sorry Anne I broke bad and purchased all three large packages.
Took it home made sauce with one and froze the other two for later use.
5.All table scraps and peelings fed to the chickens.
6.  Made two big batches of cookies for snacks and gifts and churches.
7. Reused plastic cottage cheeses containers for all left overs
8. washed and rinsed several large plastic bags.
9. Made a beautiful pillow for sister using only scraps.
10.  Purchased a brand new bike rack for eldest daughters car at second hand store in original packaging not opened for $15.00.  It will be part of their Christmas.
11. Did not grocery shop at all last week, we had enough. Only bought milk, some soda and the ground beef.
12. Lengthened a pair of Hub's outdoor pants that had shrunk in the wash instead of getting rid of them.
13.Used beans as a main meal source again this week.
14.Used up all leftovers  for lunches.  Really other than scraps no food waste.
15.  Used Joanns coupons for all purchases for shop.
16. Was able to mend and re crochet an antique table cloth that was damaged in the wash.  Skills are a blessing.
17.Fixed two large beautiful fall flower bouquets from my garden.  I love fresh flowers and they are so expensive.
18.  Received a quart of honey from a gentleman when he needed measured for a tuxedo.  Great trade!

By using money saving methods like these, I was able to bank another $633.00 dollars toward my goal.

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You had a productive weekend! Have you checked your email? I sent you one via the email address you left by commenting on my blog.

  2. My theory on stock up prices is to stock up__no matter what self imposed challenge you are under. If I could find it for 99 cents a pound I would buy lots too!
    I have been purchasing some foods for the freezer but am keeping them separate from the stuff I had pre-September 2017. I am simply trying to eat down our past frozen items to make way for more. I have been spending so little at the store that it has been a snap for me to allow for the extra beef and chicken. Now I am just waiting for a bacon and pork spectacular sale.

  3. I, too, buy at stock-up prices, no matter the challenge. I don't have much room in refrigerator freezer, so that is the only reason I don't stock up more. I am trying to eat all the vegetables in the refrigerator. That way, I can stock more meat.

    CAN YOU EMAIL ME? I cannot find your address on your blog or on my blog.

  4. really accomplished alot.. yea for you.
    Great price on hamburger meat.. I would have bought it too.

    1. I bought all they had, I will do that unless someone is standing there waiting to see if I buy it all if that happens I offer to split.