Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday, Check the list and get it done.

     I completed chart 20 yesterday and I am onto chart 21 which I hope I can complete in December.  So I was pleased with myself yesterday.I was able to complete a few things on my list yesterday that were extra besides getting all the sewing done.  I left one dress to be hemmed today and that will be the extent of the shop.

     Hub's and I went out for a taco last night with a gift card as I needed a break and he was between theater rounds. I then went to the bank and picked  up a few stocking stuffers for Hub's folks as our company this weekend can take them down and the I can Amazon and Talbots mail their other gifts.  So that will be off my plate.  I then found myself at the theater and I helped tape the floor and put together the mother ginger costume.  I was at the theater until 10:20 and then went to the grocery store to get things restocked.  We were out of all things fresh and milk.  I also picked up a few really marked down Thanksgiving things for next year.

     I then stayed up and cut the lace for a wedding veil, which reminds me to call the bride before she becomes frantic.  That is all I need right now is a bride up in arms.

     So I came home from the theater with a list of todo's which I will try to complete soon.  I need to run to Joanns again and to the beauty supply.  I also need to do some repair on the Mother Ginger costume and steam the darn things which will take at least an hour.  So I have been trying to complete as much of the house work as I can this morning.

     I am up and dressed and hair and makeup which is always a chore for me.  As being a slob becomes me.  So I have stripped the bed, picked up and arranged a few things in the downstairs guest room.  I am waiting for the dryer to be done and I will then put the dry linens on the bed and vacuum and dust the downstairs.  Now the kitchen needs a real wipe down and many things put away as hubs cannot remember where any thing goes.  ????? Does any one else have this Husband Dum dum  problem?

     So I am going to skip putting away the Thanksgiving things and getting out any Christmas.  Just not time for it and it is not that important.  See less stress. Kim a year ago would have driven her self crazy with this.  I also would have made homemade cookies and tried to have dinner ready for company.  Well guess what?  You are coming into a very stressful day and you will feed yourselves or eat out.  I actually found myself thinking last night at about midnight that I should start a batch of cookies and that this morning I could whip up 4 loaves of bread and make cookies.  But then I shook myself and said no.  I am trying.  But my over do part still thinks over do!

     So today this is what has to be done.

1. finish cleaning kitchen and put away all pots and pans
2. get hubs to clean up back hallway
3. hem last dress for client
4. dust and vacuum downstairs ( This will take about 10 minutes)
5. finish guest bed
6. go to Joanns and Sallys
7. pack steamer and sewing kit in car and glue gun
8. don't forget all three bathrooms

     So I am going to go upstairs and  get the kitchen done, by the time I do that I can come down and hem dress and then the dryer will ding and I can get the bed made and the dusting and vacuuming done and then I am off to get my needed supplies.

Have a great and productive staying positive while you are in the negative.

7. get to theater


  1. A friend has a mantra that she pulls out every year at this time...'Tis the season of Good Enough. I need to remember to practice that myself.

  2. My goodness Kim, I don't know how you're not exhausted, I am just from reading all you've done and are doing! LOL

    1. I am exhausted and irritated and and I have lost the Christmas spirit from about 4 years ago until now......