Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thursday, behind the 8 ball

     I completed chart 19 yesterday.  I did very little sewing but many people picked up product and I had monies left over in my last weeks budget.  So I am onto chart 20.  I am making progress.

     My headache lasted most of the day and I was very sick to my stomach. I spent most of the day on the couch, which drives hubs crazy.  When I go down he just gets frantic.  Usually because I never go down.  Now I am behind and I will have to push to get things done.  But I will try and prioritize what has to be done.

     I think I have had 6 clients in today so far and they all have dropped off coats with zippers that need to be replaced.  So I will have to make a run to Jo anns.

     I also have several suits to alter.  A lot of hand work.  As I got nothing done on my list yesterday except what was absolutely necessary I am going to have to do these things today.  Blah

     So I feel a list coming on bare with me:

1. laundry 2 loads
2. ironing
3. clean fridge
4. plan menu
5. clean all three bathrooms
6. straighten down stairs bed room from grandson
7. go to bank
8. go to Joanns
9. get groceries
10.clean back deck up
11.  Sew what I can
12. change sheets in upstairs guest room.  ( I have slept in there)
13.vacuum and clean family room
14. generally pick up house
15. clean and vacuum car

Now I have two days to do all this as company is not coming until late tomorrow afternoon.  I also will assign some things to Hub's and then supervise him :)

 Well I am off to get things done the best I can.  But even if I do nothing but sew my family will still love me.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Good luck on the list. Do what you can but listen to your body. It knows when enough is enough!

  2. My body said enough before I wrote the list....

  3. I'm tired just reading your list!

  4. Hi Kim
    I"m right there with you on the headaches. I get migraines and they just put me down for the count and it makes me nuts.. My husband does pretty well until I"m still down on the third day then he starts losing and that's when I pray to feel better quick because the dogs will starve the sink will overflow with dishes and he won't eat a decent meal..LOL.... If you don't mind me asking. How did you get your sewing business going? It sounds like it's very lucrative and I'm interested in learning how you did it :)

    1. I took business cards to different shops and then put an add in the paper for hemming and mending and it grew from there.

  5. I know I am on 20 can't believe it. But it has been a long road.

  6. My right ear has been hurting for a week and all down my neck and now the left one hurts, but the doctor says there is nothing wrong. I hope you get better because being ill is not conducive to getting things done.