Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday, I am active:)

     Well I knew something was up, as I have been feeling like crap a lot.  My disease is active. " Is that like a volcano?"  I asked the doctor?  It does explain many things to me, so I can quit guessing.

     We will be changing local Gp's.  I also have to add a medication and get blood work in a month.  The worst part is I have to be on steroids for 2 months. I try to avoid these at all costs, but they will stop the progression until the other meds can take affect.   Steroids cause weight gain and hunger and so many other wonderful symptoms I don't need.  Will I feel better?  I am hoping.

     Yesterday after going to the doctor I had a pity party for awhile.  I then went into the shop and did a few things that were due out and completed the first costume except for  some hand trim.  I started another and have the bodice ready to trim.

     I just got a cal for another emergency bride dress coming in, so my day will be full.  The little are here today and they always cheer me up.

     Hubs and I ran outlast night and purchased a turkey for the food bank as they were two hundred turkeys short they said on the news.  So Hubs will deliver that today when the kids go down for a nap.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Oh, dear! What does it mean that your disease is active? I hope the steroids will help - I had to be on them for awhile, myself, and know what you mean about the weight gain and hunger, etc. (((HUGS)))

    Very kind of you and your husband to buy the turkey for the food bank. We need more kind and caring people like you.

    I hope your day goes well and you get all that sewing done! Take care.

  2. I've been taking steroids daily for about 14 years now. It's usually a low dose (less than 5 mg.) but sometimes I get a flare-up and then I have to take a high dose for a while. It always fixes what ails me. I don't like taking all these steroids but through the years, when the doctor has told me about some of the other things she could give me and the side-effects they can cause, I don't feel so bad about the steroids. I hope you get better soon!

  3. I am on daily steroids with higher dosages at flare up... I eat less which shocked the GI but my primary knew it would happen.. now drinking eggnog (something I love) to get back the 20 lbs I couldn't afford to lose.