Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thursday, blog love

     Here are a few tidbits of inspiration I have read in blogs recently.  These are things that have stuck with me.  I love getting new ideas and thoughts to ponder.  It helps me to stay on course and appreciate what I am doing.  trying to get out of debt is hard.  It takes a long time.  It is like losing weight.  Even when you take it off you have to keep it off.  It is a struggle.

   I love what Dime at a time said about her Husband out chasing money for debt payments.  that is such a great analogy.  I feel like I have been chasing money for years.  I still feel the need to chase money.  I don't really like it.  Now I would not mind chasing money for something I really wanted, but for debt Ugh, what a gloomy idea.

     Then Teri at her Blue house Journal, wrote about her rinse and repeat blog posts.  Well we all do those.  Money saving madness is a lot of the same things week after week.  These are the things I do to save a little money and eventually it adds up to big money.  Yes it is repetitive , and that is how life it in my neck of the woods.  I do the same things and I am always searching for ways to save more.

    Now onto Sluggy's post about me jumping into a wishing well fountain to scoop up change.  Well if she would just be my look out........

     New goals for November will be posted tomorrow, and yes some of them will be about chasing money, and rinse and repeat.

     I really have to sew today as I have taken the last three days off.  I have done about 1/5 of my weekly quota so I will have to put in the work today.  That is okay as I feel like I have had some time to myself and I am not stressed about the sewing.  It is there and it will get done. I have many items ripped and ready to go so that always speeds things up.  I also had many easy sewing things come in this week, like hems and waists.  These are little work little money items, but they add up fast.  I also have had some tricky things like a complete suit overhaul for a little person.  Big job, big money, but stressful. I am always grateful for any work that comes in, some I am just a wee bit more happy about.

     Hubs and I sing in the choir for our church.  Our director has had to play the piano for the last 4 months.  We have no pianist.  Well we have one but she refuses to come.  I dislike singing without direction.  So I took the music and I am learning it.  The hymns are easy, but the sheet music takes work.  I played for choirs all through high school so I know I can do this, it just involves practice. As I love to play and I just do not make the time, I have been setting aside and hour of my day to play choir music and I am loving it.  It is so sad to see that lovely piano of my mothers that rarely gets touched.

     Well I am off to the shop.  What are you going to do today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Hi Kim, Today is a little of a busy day but things I enjoy doing. My morning began early with Mass. I am Catholic and today is a Holy Day Of Obligation meaning all Catholics must attend Mass today unless they are sick or can't get off work. So I went to a beautiful Mass this morning and then tonight our governor who is running for re election is having a BBQ here in town so we are going to check that out if, it doesn't rain and right now the clouds look like they are gathering so we will have to see about that. I like what you shared about debt. We are always chasing money only it's to survive. We have fallen so behind in our debts I have no idea how we are ever going to catch up or pay them. We live on a fixed income and I have been searching for years for another stream of income but unless I can physically go to a place to work I can't find anything. It's been very depressing.

    1. Well Robyn I sew in my home and that is a very lucrative business. It requires a sewing machine. Can you sew?

  2. Kim,
    I suppose you did chase money for something you wanted while you got in debt. I guess that is how it always happens! So many things are repetitive, like cooking and washing dishes and ironing. ugh Bills are worse than washing dishes for their drudgery. Playing the piano sounds like a good thing to add to your life.

    Today, I awoke exhausted and hurting all over--bones, skin, and muscles. Then, I had to go to cardiologist and buy a few things at WM and Publix. And, I lost another pound, making it 20 lbs. I have lost. Only 100 lbs to go.

  3. Thanks for the blog love. I long for the day none of us are chasing the money. As long as we stay the course, it will happen!

    1. I know. I now realize what a huge bite out of our income our house payment makes. It is 1/5 my husbands take home so more than is shold be. No wonder we have struggled.