Monday, November 12, 2018

Monday, Happy Veterans Day, money saving madness

Happy Veterans day and a special shout out to all the men and women out there who have risked all to give this country and other countries freedom. Hub's and I usually go down to the Veterans parade but Hub's was asked to play for a funeral. So I am going to try and get caught up in the shop. 

We had a wonderful time at the football game.  Our Alma mater won.  It was fun to be there with Mom and Dad's generation who are Vandal alumni and our generation who are Grizzly alums, then all the Grand kids who are back with and Vandals.  We made quite a party.  The great grand kids all rooted with their parents schools.  It was crazy to be in that huge stadium with all those people.  Mom and Dad were able to sit n a special box with really good seats and we sat in the section below.  Dad can't tell you what he had for breakfast but he loved the game.  I am so grateful that my daughter was able to rent a large van and pick them up and bring them for this experience.  Dad is very hard to deal with and mom is getting so frail.

     I cooked huge breakfasts, with fresh laid eggs, and homemade waffles, or pancakes.  Home made jellies and syrups.  I had everything in the freezers or pantry except for the snacks we bought the grand kids.So having company was not expensive.

     We did decide to try and get a venue up near Moscow and the bride is going to look into it.  We also are going to look at another outdoor site and a couple of small churches up by Moscow.  After we find a venue it will help determine the date.

     I have a rehearsal tonight for the Nutcracker.  I skipped the one on Saturday.  This is the first Nutcracker rehearsal I have ever missed.  But I think they have things under control. I just did not want to try and squeeze a rehearsal into my day with my family.

     This is however going to be a busy week and I am not feeling my best.  My head hurts and my joints are achy  I would really just like to crawl into bed and I might after I get this suit alteration done.

Money saving madness 11/4-11/10 2018

1. Ate all meals at home except one
2. Cooked large meals for family and friends out of pantry and freezer with foods all bought at lowest cost possible.
3. Used my clothesline to dry heavy shirts and outdoor clothing
4. Used ibotta app to save $8.25 on snacks and cereal for grand kids I don't usually buy
5. Found special coupons on Crisco oil(Also on sale) at Winco to allow me to buy crisco sticks for baking at a cost less than a large tub of crisco.
6. Used coupons for Joanns to buy I don't know how many zippers
7. Took family out to dinner after game to a college hangout, saving at least 1/2 what it would have cost at a regular restaurant.
8.Brought home  s leftover sandwiches to eat later.
9. fed all food scraps to chickens
10.saved several  denim scraps from jeans I shortened to use in outdoor quilts.
11. As always used recycled containers and jars, wax wraps, and cloth napkins to save on paper and plastic.

What did you do to save money this last week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. It sounds like you had a great week. I hope feel better soon.

    1. I think my arthritis is out of remission and I am just not willing to admit it. But I see the specialist on Thursday.

  2. Sounds like you had a good week; so nice that you were able to provide all the meals with what you had on hand!

  3. The football game sounds like so much fun! I'm a Vandal alumni too. Have you looked into any of the barns that rent out for weddings? Mader Barn has a beautiful setting. Smaller churches in Moscow like The Crossing (Jaysn and Rachel go there and we also married there) have a large reception room and full kitchen. Pastor John is really a neat guy too. :) Jeff and I were married at the Methodist church in Moscow many years ago. :) I hope you can get some rest my friend.

    1. My daughter said no barns. But we are looking in that area. I love the Methodist church it is so beautiful.

  4. Football can be a great time to bring families together or can cause real rifts. I went to The University of Alabama, much to my mom's dismay (Auburn alum) We have never watched games together and will never do it.

  5. Are outdoor quilts meant for using on the ground? Do you back them or have batting in the inside? It is great you had everything there for feeding the family. Otherwise, it would have been an expensive proposition. Plus, I am quite sure the food was better, more delicious.

    1. Yes they are smaller picnic quilts for the car and they do have batting in them.