Monday, November 5, 2018

Monday, Engagement! Money saving Madness.

     Our youngest daughter became engaged yesterday.  Her fiance proposed at the edge on a beautiful waterfall on a hike they were taking.  We are all so excited.  Have no idea when the wedding will be, but we are all getting together for the Idaho Vandal and Montana Grizzly game this weekend.  In-laws, Outlaws, grandparents, sisters, Aunt,so we should get some idea. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the costs down.  This will be my third wedding so I think I know the ins and outs.

     I love our new soon to be son-in-law and his family.  I am so lucky to really love the families and the boys my girls have chosen to marry.  It is easy to love them and I can't wait to add this new one.

     I have a lot to do this week as company is coming this weekend.  So I need to really clean the house and continue to work on the yard with Hub's.

     Today I plan on getting the laundry done and all the ironing.  Plus sewing is backing up a little and I also want to get in a few hours of yard work before it gets dark at 5:00 now.  Yikes!

     I already have the laundry started and the ironing piles sorted.  I am also going to get a clip board and make a list of all the things I want to clean and organize in the next month.  I think this will work better for me.  I have a tendency to procrastinate and then have to do it all at once.  This makes me crazy. I slide between crazy and lunatic most days.  But I am trying to slow down and just not be so frantic all the time.

     Monday Money saving Madness: October 28-November 3rd 2018

1. Ate all meals at home with pantry and freezer supplies
2. Purchased meat markdowns at Albertsons with 50% off stickers
3. found .6 cents for pig bank
4. dried heavy overalls and flannel work clothes on line with a touch up in the dryer to soften.
5. Made homemade dessert for church party
6. Used Joann coupons for purchases of sewing things.
7. Earned $6.80 from Ibotta on cereal stock up as grand kids are coming and we were out.
8. fed all food scraps to the chickens.
9. Used rite-aid points to purchase a few needed items and earned back $6.00 so no money spent.
10. Used empty containers and wax wraps in kitchen to save on plastic
11. Decided not to make new sweatshirts for the upcoming game as the cost is just too high for a one time gig.
12. Made hubs fix kitchen sink that was dripping.  MADE is the word here.
13. Reused large heavy duty leaf bags for trips to the dump.
14. scraped the last of my lotion out of the bottle with a cue-tip (this lotion is expensive)  I have an expensive face.

What did you do to save money this week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. "3. found .6 cents for pig bank"
    Well neener, neener I am 6¢ ahead of you this week, 11¢ at Mickey D's and 1¢ at Weis.

    Congrats to B and her intended!!!

    1. Would you mind sending that my way I am going to need it:)

  2. An expensive face lol! I guess I have a cheap face :) I understand the Qtip; I cut the tops off of lotion bottles to get at what's remaining. I can make it last for weeks! Congrats on the engagement. It must feel wonderful to have your girls settled.

  3. A wedding! Hooray! When I went out of town this weekend I took much of my food with me. That allowed me to make healthier, less expensive choices.

    1. Good for you. We always pack a cooler when we travel.