Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday, plans? who follows them?

     Well yesterday was not a bust but all the plans I made kind of went Topsy turvy. Don't know why, as I didn't have anything happen to make them go awry. Just me and my ever evolving sprained brain.

     Did I get the uniforms for the band fixed ?  NO

     Did I get and cookies made?  NO

     Did I take a bath and clean up?  yes  because I was stinky

     Did I get my pig cashed? YES $157.88 about 1/2 of last year but that is okay.  Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I will use this along with my Ibotta rebates for Christmas food and dinner.

     Did I go pick up some sausage? yes

     Did I get cat food?  no made hubs do that

     Did I get to Joanns?  NO

     Did I make meatballs? YES YES YES and it took forever.  I made them cocktail size and it takes a lot longer.  Then I did 4 broiler pans and I had to wait between cooking times.  FOREVER.

   Did I get my brothers things wrapped and packed?  Yes  that took forever also.  I did it in spurts between meatballs baking.

    Did I have any energy left at 8:30 p.m. to start a batch of cookies?  NO  so I vegged on the couch it was nice.  I even left the mess in the kitchen and dining room.  Now I have to face that.

     Well the meatballs are done!  Thank goodness.  I am going to mail my brothers packages.  That will be two things off my list of December to do's.  Then I will sew and I will face the mess I made yesterday and maybe do a few more cookies.  Well I will make cookies if I can get my house cleaned a little as it has suffered since the beginning of the week.  You know my different personalities have been creating chaos in almost every room.

     I remember one of my daughters coming home from college at Christmas and going around the house and asking as she came into the kitchen, "Okay mom which one of your personalities made this mess?"

     I just over plan and do not consider how much time things take.  But the old Kim would have stuck to the list.  So I am very proud that I crashed before I completed the sewing and the additional cookies.  See I can learn.  Okay I really can't but I am trying.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.