Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday evening, In Twin Falls

     We are here with Hubs parents and our daughter and her family.  The boys are so fun.  Hubs dad wants to go home so we may leave later on New Years day and take them to Nampa and then take off early on the 2nd to go home, in stead of the 3rd.  We will see.  But grandpa is 90 and has dementia so being away from his comfort zone is hard. 

     Last night daughter and I and mom went to a few places to look at the after Christmas sales.  I was able to get several things for next year and also some of the dried flowers for B's wedding at a very low cost.  It was nice to go to stores that we don't have in our town.

     Our trip over was so funny as we had snow and blowing snow for about 100 miles and then hit 50 degrees and sunshine for the last 200 miles.  You just never know what you are going to get here in the pan handle of Idaho.

     Daughter has to go into court tomorrow but should get out early.  We are planning on having Chinese for our dinner tomorrow.  We will make it ourselves.

     I have so many plans for the new year and I hope it is a good one.  Last year was hard in so many ways.  Mostly due to mom and her illness and subsequent death, but we also had many great things happen.

     It just seems like the year went by so very quickly.  So much of it seems a blur.  I just want next year to be a little slower and more time to enjoy the things I love.  More time spent enjoying moments instead of enduring them.

Have a restful Sabbath.



  1. May your life slow a bit, and may you have the greatest of years. You sure did have a rough one this year. Blessings to you and yours.