Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday, pretty darn proud

     The rescued cookie gun.  Well the box was badly damaged, but the gun parts are all there.  So we will try again.  You can't say that we do not persevere.

     I actually was able to get all my sewing done yesterday.  I do have a wedding dress to take in today and that is it as far as clients are concerned. So after I came home from Joanns and my errands I replaced 4 zippers, altered and pressed a 50 year old wedding suit,and shortened some sleeves on a coat and a few other minor things for the police department.  I was so happy to work in a clean shop.

     Of course you know me, nature (my nature) abhors a vacuum.  I then pulled everything out of the closet in the shop to find  things to work on for Christmas.  So now I have to go back in and put it all back together.  Blah!

     I got all the bills paid, the house cleaned up and vacuumed.  Now don't be shocked but last night I pulled the ironing board into the family room and watched Netflix and did all the ironing.  I used to do this all the time, but kind of got out of the practice with mom. It went so fast.  But because I did that I now have to do another task that I have been avoiding.  You know you give a mouse a cookie and then.....

     I need to switch all my winter clothes and shoes into the closet and put summer ones into the spare room. You see even though I am siting here in a long sleeve Henley, bib overalls , a wool sweater, wool socks and clogs, I have not admitted it is winter.  So why switch the clothes?  If I deny it is winter until about Christmas it doesn't last so long.  Because we all no January is coming.  Right now the closets are just a disorganized jumbled mess.  That project has been started and needs to be finished.  I will get rid of things that are no longer being worn.  Down size, down size.  We all have too much stuff.

     I have all the ingredients for my mother-in-laws famous fruit cake.  This fruitcake is actually really good.  So quit wrinkling your noses.  Anne, Sluggy, Cheryl, stop or I will send you a loaf.

     Hubs made appointments to see the last two missionary apartments today, sometime this afternoon.  So around that schedule I will try to get the following done.

1. put away the last of the laundry
2. put ironing board back
3. clean out spare hall closet
4. switch clothes summer and winter
5. switch clogs and sandals organize shoe
6. missionary apartments
7. take back all costumes to studio with hubs help
8. make mom's fruitcake
9. take in wedding dress for fitting
10. straighten shop again!
11. Figure out what to do with leftover turkey I pulled from the freezer.  Maybe I will make turkey salad.  Just not really inspired here.

     I would love to get into a few Christmas sewing projects before tonight.  I will see what I can do.  I am a little stiff and my hands are sore today.  Probably from fighting with the D(*& spritz cookie guns.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Have the same cookie press that was my Moms.
    I have been meaning to tell you that I love your closing line on each post. Brilliant!

    1. I am just hoping it works the next time. We had some good laughs breaking the other three. Yes production is my thing.

  2. Well done in rescuing your cookie press! Hope you get it to work, the next time you use it. :)

    You have a busy day scheduled. I need to take your example and get going with my day, too!

    1. Some days are harder than others. Today for example. Need a push I think.