Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tuesday, Check the list

    My right wrist is badly blown today giving me further discouragement on my medication issues.  It is swollen and I have been having carpel tunnel like symptoms where my hand goes numb and I cannot feel a needle in it.  Also constant headaches that I just work through.   I need a break from this crap.  But I also feel blessed that I can work through the pain and it eventually subsides.

    I was just a busy little beaver yesterday and I got so much done that I wanted to get done.  I am really thinking of not making Hub's a cake but going and buying a single layer.  We are leaving and we cannot eat it all nor do we need the sweets as the house is full of cookies.

     Then I tell myself it will be so expensive and I can freeze 1/2 a cake for later.  Then I think of my blown wrists and just making a cake.  I am sure I will go look at the prices and run.  I am just being a baby.

     I was so happy to get so much of my list done yesterday.  I have just a couple of very small jobs left to do in the shop.  Then I will clean and straighten the shop.  I love the winding down I am getting before I go to my daughters where I will be wound up again!

     Today's list:
1. Hub's cake?
2. change sheets and vacuum downstairs spare room
3. clean downstairs bath
4. clean guest bath upstairs
5. do small sewing things
6. clean shop
7. wrap gifts for nephews and hubs birthday
8. Nap?

     I just remembered that I do have one other errand to run but can do that when I go to the store later. Yikes!  That list is getting longer.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. My goodness your very busy, I love your sidebar where your paying your debts. That's my goal for 2019. Your doing such a good job! Have a wonderful day, I decided to follow you because I can glean so much, Thank you

  2. SO happy to see you. We will work together.

  3. You are definitely busy! Sorry to hear about your hand/wrist. My hands get numb, too, at times, and I get cramps when I overdo things. I believe it is a side effect of the cancer meds I take. Nothing to do for it, other than wait for it to go away!