Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wednesday, I did not cave

     Well I did finally get to the store to look for a cake about 4:30 in the afternoon.  The day was just busy with last minute sewing and doing for people.  I still need to get a couple of little things done.  I mean things that won't take even 20 minutes but you know me I have to put them off.

     Well I did find a one layer cake for $7.99 and I just could not make myself buy it.  So I picked up a .69 cake mix, German chocolate and came home.  As I was making dinner I threw the cake into the oven and it was done by the time dinner was ready.

     Here we are all ready for the nephews.  Who by the way were so funny.  The baby who is almost 2 was quite the entertainer last night.

     I still have not delivered a gift card and I absolutely have to get a few things done today.

     The shop is clean and it is so nice.  I love to work in a clean shop.  So today here are the plans.

1. Get nails done  (so important)
2. deliver gift card
3. get small sewing things DONE, DONE  and call client
4. Wrap all Christmas gifts  BLAH!
5. go pay the paper bill
6. take hubs to shop for son in-law
7. go look for dresser at 2nd hand store with hubs for a missionary
8. finish load of laundry
9. get car packed
10. stop and get oysters here as they are out in Spokane area  (too many Scandinavians up there)
11. pack myself or semi pack
12. get neighbor girl ready to take care of chickens and cats.
13.go to bank
14. go get blood work done
15. get prescriptions

 SO I am off to get these things done today in no real order other than they all must be done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Nothing to beat a homemade cake! The cheapest cake mixes here are $.99, so you did well to find one for $.69! Hope you were able to accomplish all that's on your list!

  2. Homemade cakes are great! I tried a few new things this year (truffles & marzipan) vs buying, so I'm happy I'm extending my baking/self sufficient comfort zone.

    Hope you are super productive! I just need to survive one more work day, & I'm done. WOOP! So ready for vacation

    1. Me too. although going to my girls is not a vacation, with grandson and cleaning and cooking and more baking. But I will enjoy it and I won't have any sewing. Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Your list is dwindling down, I think mine will still be here after Christmas, lol. You have a very Merry Christmas!