Monday, December 10, 2018

Monday, money saving madness

     Oh my you should see the cookie dough packed into my wedding ring.  It is quite a site.  Guess I had better take care of that.  Yikes!

     Last week was productive but busy and this week will I hope be a little less.  I was quite tired this weekend and slept long and hard night times.  I needed it.  Right now I really need to do a go through the house.  The dog has torn up one of his toys all over the basement and the shop is a mess again, laundry is backed up, let's not even talk about the ironing.  The car is full of costumes which hubs will help me return and then I really need to finish paying the bills.  Shame on me I only paid the ones that were due. That is a bad habit of mine.

Spritz cookies from he*l
     Lil sis came over last night and we had a futile effort in making spritz cookies, which by the way are usually the fastest and the easiest.  I received a super shooter cookie gun for a Christmas present when I was a freshman in college.  It worked well for 37 years.  Since then we have had cookie gun nightmares.  Well mom an I found an old fashioned mirro cookie gun brand new in the box for 3.00.  Could not get it to work and neither could sis. So she brought hers over and we broke it. Then we went to 4 stores and 5 phone calls finally found one at shopko which we broke on the first cookie, back to shopko.  She calls a co-worker who has one and Lil sis goes to get it and it is exactly like the one I threw away.  It worked great, so now I have to dig through the garbage for that one.  Ask me if I am frustrated?  Easiest cookie my A^%.  Anyway we finished caramels and spritz so now I am down to 3 cookies and fruitcake.  I am actually ahead of schedule.

     Hub's has a man cold if you know what that means.....
 wrapped caramels
 I love this tart pan that has a bottom that pops out.  I bought it at Joanns last year.  Actually I bought two 70% off.  It is so easy to cut the caramels perfectly plus great for pumpkin and lemon pie slices.

Here are the Swedish sour cream cookies that Lil sis rolled out for me.  A girlfriend and I are going to decorate them on Wednesday.

I don't know why I feel so frustrated and behind.  I just have to calm down  and breath.  I am going to get into the shop today and get at least 4 zippers replaced and mend and press a dress, and hem some jacket sleeves.  I do have a Bridal fitting on Wednesday.  There is not a huge amount to do in the shop but what is there must be done.  I also want to get something made up for my Sissie so I can mail her box.

1. clean downstairs/vacuum
2. laundry
3. clean shop
4. sew
5. go to Joanns/winco/bank (more zippers) bills/drop off
8. quit stressing there is nothing to be stressed about.

Monday money saving madness:Dec. 2-Dec 9 2018

1. Did not go out to eat at all.
2. free meal at church
3. picked up cookie tins at second hand store .99 a piece.
4. made several batches of cookies with pantry supplies bought at rock bottom prices.
5. Used clothesline for heavy laundry with touch up in dryer.
6. Made a bridal veil with scraps for about .60 charged bride  $60.00 so made money
7. found money (finally .11 cents)
8. cashed in pig bank for $157.88 for the year!
9. went to Albertsons multiple times for butter 1.99 a lb limit one.
10. Used coupons at Joanns
11. Filled up car in Kamiah where gas is .65 less a gallon.  Yes .65 cents!  worth the one hour drive there and back.
12. Needed plates for cookies so used St Patrick day with a red napkin on top.  Hey red and green it works!
13. Used and reused parchment paper for all cookies
14. reused older shoes boxes and things saved year to year to store cookies.
15. fed all food scraps to chickens they are laying like crazy.  We are giving away eggs right and left.
16. reused older cottage cheese containers and tried not to cringe at the amount of plastic wrap I used this week.  Ugh!
17. used up three boxes of jello, something we never eat.
18. wrapped and mailed Christmas gifts with paper bought at 90% off and then sat on boxes to squeeze it all in and save postage.

     Okay I am off to get something done look at the time, Damn spritz cookie (*&^%$ fiasco)  I must go dig through the garbage can.  Fun times.....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Hurrah for your .11¢!!! lolz
    You beat me this week....I found a nickel. wah wah.

  2. I tried to make spritz cookies a couple of times and they were nothing but problems. I refuse to try any more.

    1. I have never had any problems until this year. What a battle. Which reminds me I have yet to go dig in the garbage....

  3. I find spritz cookies to be nothing but a pain. I finally stopped trying to make them. I might need a kick in the rear to get moving on making my Christmas goodies. I'd rather sip tea and watch Christmas movies.

    1. Yeah a diet coke and a Christmas movie and a few too many cookies:)

  4. I used to make spritz with Mom's old Mirro cookie gun. It died and nothing has come close to it. I think I have been through 5 off them and finally gave up.

  5. The cookies are beautiful and I love the idea of the tart pant for caramels!! Will look for one after Christmas. You sure remind me of the Energizer Bunny!!

    1. I have to admit I do have a lot of get up and go, but I can also go down and do nothing. I do nothing very well. I have mastered that skill.

  6. Wow, such beautiful cookies even with your cookie shooter troubles.

    1. Why thanks. They taste great also, I know because I have eaten 6or7 or.....

  7. Well done on persevering with the spritz cookies! I would have given up the idea and made a different type of cookie!

  8. I bought a Pampered Chef spritz cookie "gun" a few years ago and it was terrible! The dough never came out right. Avoid these if you ever decide to try spritz cookies again.

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