Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday, Sissie arrive tonight!

     I am so excited.  I can hardly wait for Sissie to arrive.  She is such great help. Plus I miss her and love her.  The littles are here today so everything is chaos as usual. I will not take them next week due to the wedding.

     I was able to get most of the things done on my sewing list.  I still need to hem the awful flower girl dress with at least 8 layers, but all the hand work is done.  I also did not get the table clothes done, but these will be easy to complete next Monday. Sissie and I will knock out and clean the shop.

    One of the bridesmaids is coming today for a fitting.  Yeah! I will have one more down and now only two will be left.

     Daughter has made up a spread sheet of who is doing what the day of the wedding and who is doing what the day before.  This way everyone has a job.  My three sister in laws, who have 15 daughters between them will be here along with my two sisters and a few very close friends.  My sister in law is also bringing 2 older granddaughter 15,16 to help.  My brother in laws are so good at weddings in fact one of them helped finance and start one of his daughters in a wedding planning business.  She now owns the largest catering wedding business in the greater Boise area.  So he is invaluable to us.

     Our family always does almost everything ourselves. I have flown down to southern Idaho and made I don't know how many bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses mother of the bride dresses.  I have spent weeks at different houses sewing entire weddings.  So it is pay back time.  Pay backs are hell.   I am so grateful.

     Our best friends here are in charge of the kitchen.  She is a gourmet and we did all the catering for her daughters wedding 14 years ago.  So I am not worried about help.  Sissie will organize and Sissie has catered events for years.  I am getting excited.

     I was able to get 3/4 of the garden done yesterday but I am so sore I don't think I will be doing any weeding today.  Maybe I can finish up tomorrow.  Plus it will be about 116 here today. Our second really hot day of the summer.

     I was up early because of the littles and got the kitchen totally cleaned and made a large cucumber/tomato salad.  I also have a fry pan full of green beans ready for dinner.  I scrubbed a large bowl of different kinds of new potatoes. Keeping up with that garden is work, but it sure saves me money.  Tonight we will have chicken breasts, I bought for .49 a pound on a 1/2 price sale.  Then salad and green beans and baked tiny crook neck squash.

     There should be many people picking up today, I think.  Then you never know.

What are you going to accomplish today?  Any plans for the weekend?

Well I am off to chase kids around the back yard.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Don't make yourself sick in the heat. You have some competent help on the way, for sure. It sure helps to have teens to help. Just stick to your guns on no shop sewing. Hopefully, people won't be trying to pick up, either.

  2. So lovely that you will have so much help! It's so nice to see that you all pull together as a family to make things happen.

    As for me, I did the heinous drive (it's an hour of windy roads & hairpin turns) to pick up my campers, and got everyone home. They were so filthy & smelly & had an amazing time. :-) Now I'm on to laundry duty. I probably have 4-5 loads staring me down. After that,the boys will help get all of the gear put back for next year, the sleeping bags put away, and I'll start thinking about dinner. Pizza for the kids, salmon for the adults.

    1. I never thought about how my mom sent three of us to camp and how we all came back she must have had a lot of work.

  3. Wow so many people! They have FIFTEEN daughters between them? Wow! That's awesome.. You sure do have a very busy and full life.. What a blessing!!

  4. Sounds like you have a good-size crew to help, and better yet, they'll be organized!

    1. Yes that is good because I will still be disorganized.

  5. Wonderful that you have so much help coming! Now learn to delegate!

  6. It sounds like you guys make a great team!!! I sure wish I had a sister!