Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday, So many things I want to get done

     Well here it is a free Saturday my last free one before the wedding.  Sissie arrives next Friday and the heat will be on.  So much I want to get done today and here I sit with a wet head at the computer contemplating.  Knowing I won't get 1/2 of it completed.  Thinking do I really want to do anything?  Answer?  Probably not.  But I will.

So here is a list of things that I really should do.

1. make two cakes and freeze one to use up strawberries pulled form freezer.
2. make up two freezer taco casseroles to use up the 3 lbs of taco meat pulled from freezer.
3. clean out freezers to make room for grooms cake
4. go get tin foil pans for baking at dollar store
5. go pick raspberries at friends before it gets too hot.  Is there any such thing as too hot?
6. wash and freeze raspberries no berries left

 Since all of these things involve food that could spoil and waste it is a must.

Things I would like to get done.

1. dry my hair and put on some makes up  (Ha!)
2. clean master bedroom and bath
3. vacuum and dust frontroom
4. clean and sweep and dust dining room
5. clean kitchen after all the cooking
6. clean and vacuum family room
7. vacuum stairs
8. put away laundry

Things to get done for the wedding

1. make room in freezers for grooms cake
2. alter Jr. bridesmaid dress
3. practice on flower arrangements at least one center piece, one boutonniere and one corsage.

     Yesterday was a little hectic with people picking up and dropping off.  I had a late in the day Bride appointment.  The dress supposedly did not fit, but they were lacing it up wrong so it fit fine.  Thanks goodness the last thing I need it another wedding dress in here due out before daughter's wedding.

     We sat the littles and a 91 year old gentlemen.  He was here for about 4 hours.  He kept asking to go home and this is hard as Alzheimers patients like a routine.  But we distracted him as much as we could.  He really liked the antics of the littles.

     Hubs and I did get a good walk in last night, I wore the wrong shoes and got a blister. My fault, dumb me.  I was able to get a little sewing done after the kids left.  One bridesmaid dress and started on one of the Wedding dresses due out next week.  So that was a plus.

     Right now I am just looking at the lists and going???????

So first, I will carry the basket of clothes upstairs and put away, clean myself up and head to the store for foil pans, then back to the kitchen.

What did I put on white shorts today?  Do not pick raspberries in white shorts. ( A little note to self)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in negative.



  1. Take sometime to relax before the heat gets on next weekend. It will all get done somehow. :)

  2. How can anyone lace a dress wrong?
    Now, just breathe!

  3. Looks like you were able to check a lot off your lists!

  4. I didn't use my Saturday, even with changing plans, to very good potential. I just felt lazy so let myself be lazy. No doubt I will pay the consequences later.

  5. It looks like you got it all done! Hallelujah!