Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday, Well finally.....

     I am proud to say that I finally got two of the wedding dress's sewn.  One is done and the other is waiting a try on although said bride has missed two fittings.  The other is due in at noon.  I also are you ready?  I did about 1/2 the ironing last night!

     I know, I know don't get too excited.  I did poop out after I did the napkins and all the cotton shorts.  My Sissie had sent me a  nice package of clothes from Talbots and I finally tried them on.  Loved all of them.  The pants could have been a size smaller (yes smaller) but as my weight can fluctuate due to steroids and (cookies) they are fine.  I can always take darts in the waist if they start to fall off.  So I have two new pair of denim capri pants and 5 new cotton shirts.  Much appreciated as I tend to wear my clothes to rags and then mend them and then Sissie comes and throws them away.

     So there are 5 of Hubs shirts to do and pile of mine.  Hopefully they will get done today. I still have the marine pants to do and a myriad of other things that came in plus a ball gown that needs out by Monday and also another wedding dress to alter.  As the littles will be here tomorrow nothing will get done in the sewing part of my life.

     The shop was busy with pick ups and drop offs yesterday so I had a hard time getting anything done.  I was trying to make this new recipe I read about for my friend.  It was called crack chicken.  It sounded good although I was shocked by the ingredients as they were listed.

3 cups of cooked chicken
16 oz of sour cream
16 oz package of shredded cheddar cheese
1 can cream of chicken soup
one package of ranch dressing mix
one package of bacon bits
one package of tater tots.

Yikes let's just say mix up a bunch of processed food and bake.  This was definitely not low calorie but I am feeding two elderly underweight people with this.

Kim's version

3 cups of cooked chicken
16 oz sour cream purchased at 1/2 price and keep the container for future use.
1 can of cream of chicken soup from mothers pantry staples
made my own ranch mix
made my own bacon bits with 70% off bacon
tater tots which we get free at least twice a year.  Remember we are in potato country.  I get them and then I don't use them so this was a great recipe.
2 cups of shredded cheese.  (I shredded my own from cheese I bought on a great sale less than $2. a pound.

     Okay mix all this together and bake.  I sprinkled my tots on top and then a little more cheese.  This smelled great and I was anxious to try it.  I fried up a huge batch of sesame green beans from the garden and took this to my friend.  I race home to asked Hub's what he thought?  He said it was okay.  Just okay?  Hubs will eat anything and an okay for him means don't make it again. 

    So I tasted it and it was way too salty for me.  It was good but just too salty.  I asked Hub's to tell me why it was just okay.  He said it reminded him of something you would get at a church potluck.  So his opinion garbage food.  Then I thought if I had served him a chicken breast and a baked potato with a dab of sour cream and a sprinkling of bacon bits and cheese along with the green beans he would have been thrilled.  It was the soup and ranch dressing mix my friends and then mixing it into an already partially digested state.  I guess next time I go to a potluck I will do up a dozen baked potatoes and have a few toppings.

     Well there is enough of the hotdish left for dinner tonight and I will make some squash from the garden.  He will eat it and I won't make it again.

Thoughts?  Is this something you would make your family as an entree?  Would you take this to a potluck?  I found it kind of pricey with all the mixes.  I always considered hotdishes something you fed large families to spread out the food and keep it cheap.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Good afternoon,
    I would not make that casserole as my husband doesn’t like ranch or sour cream.
    I think the recipe might be better by omitting those 2 ingredients, adding a little milk to thin the soup and maybe a little cheddar on top. Not sure I’d add the bacon bits either.

    I have sewn blood stripes on my husband’s pants and it’s tricky. And be careful not to sew the side pockets shut when you add them. I’m guessing this Marine was recently promoted and now rates blood stripes?

    1. I learned a long time ago to split the crotch seams out so it lays flat so (sew much faster).

  2. I will sure be making that recipe - sounds perfect to me. YUM. That would be the meal with maybe a little side salad.

    1. It really was not bad but hub's has this dislike of casseroles in general.

  3. I know there are many versions of casseroles with tater tots mixed in, that a lot of people enjoy, but as much as I like tater tots hot and crispy on the outside, tender on the inside after being in the oven, is how much I dislike tater tots wet and mushy included in a casserole. I am pretty sure neither my husband nor I would eat this casserole. I would have to take it apart and bake the tater tots separately and maybe serve along side the rest of the of bubbling ingredients. I would dip the tots into the mixture, or eat one tot and a forkful of the rest of the mixture.

    1. I thought of the same thing. I just think too many salty things combined.

  4. I am not a fan of tater tots, only occasionally at Sonic. Then, I regret having eaten them. So, tater tots in any casserole would not be for me. However, the rest sounds delicious.

    1. Tater tots are not something I eat often either.

  5. It sounds "okay" to me. Anything with a can of soup, and cheese in it, not to mention the ranch dressing, is gonna be really salty. Not that it would bother anybody in my house.

  6. I make a keto version of crack chicken and everyone here loves it, however I do not use the sour cream, ranch dressing mix, soup, bacon or potatoes. We love it, but it does look slightly like cat food so I serve it over rice or riced cauliflower, but I have to sprinkle some chopped parsley and dill on top of it and I usually throw either a couple of cherry tomato halves or a smattering of chopped red pepper because we eat with our eye first and who wants to think they are eating Fancy Feast?

  7. Reminds me of the gravy we ate over potatoes in High school.