Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday, Hope for a calmer day:)

     Yesterday was such a whirlwind of chaos.  I was not able to get into the shop and really start sewing until after 3p.m. However the shop was super busy with drop offs.  I could not believe how much work came in.  After sewing for a couple of hours I ran upstairs and made beef broccoli with another less than 2 dollar steak and I used green beans from the garden and also homegrown onions and garlic.  I bought the broccoli as I cannot grow broccoli with out worms. The worms creep me out.

     This recipe makes enough for 2 meals for us.  I always make extra rice as Hubs loves rice with sugar and cinnamon for breakfast. Tonight I will be making chicken tenders, with new potatoes and green beans from the garden.

     I bought several packages of chicken breasts yesterday on sale for .99 a pound and I will go up and put them into packages with my seal a meal.  I also was able to get breakfast sausage for a real marked down price and bought all that they had.  This is how I keep the freezer stocked with meat. I try to always keep meat under 2 dollars a pound unless it is for a special occasion.

     After I was able to finally settle down I threaded one of my sergers with burgundy thread and hemmed and altered 4 different bridesmaid/mother of the bride dresses.  Then I got three pairs of grooms men pants for another wedding ripped and ready to alter.  They are waiting for me as I write.

    I really need to get to at least two wedding dresses today along with several pairs of pants to hem and fix.  There are some zippers that need replacing also.  It will be a busy sewing day for me if I can keep from being distracted by other things.

     Last night I went to Lil sis's to see if she had any wallets I could have.  She has more stuff than she knows what to do with.  She found two.  Although neither are ideal they will do until I come across something I think is worth spending the money on.  Now that I have  drivers license, a major CC. (the one I only use for travel) and a Penneys card (that I rarely use).  I am still waiting for my normal bank card and my airline card.     I need to replace my insurance cards, what a pain this has been.

     Well the sewing shop awaits and I am hoping I can report tomorrow that I really made some progress in there.  I also hope to be able to set up the ironing this evening and iron while I watch some TV.  It is my reward.

     Do any of you try to do something you enjoy when you have to do a miserable chore?  Sissie is due here in less than two weeks and I don't want the ironing basket over flowing.  You all know how Sissy can be....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


p.s. just got off the phone with prosecutor in Washington, I guess there are three brothers all in on this same case.  All three are in jail.  Their mother must be so proud.  Then I think that poor soul.


  1. I feel for their mother. I have 3 sons and it could have been me who had kids who made seriously bad decisions. Since the purse was in your garage I am guessing they will have a breaking and entering charge on top of robbery and possibly grand theft as well as fraud.
    I hang my wrinkled clothes, neatly on a hanger in my closet then iron on demand.

    1. If these were just teenagers out for a joy/lark I would not be so defensive, but they are meth addicts and need to be put away, as it is the only way they may get treatment. Sad. I could use your method but the laundry attacking me in the shop is so comforting....

  2. I understand about the insurance cards. Our auto insurance cards are easy to replace, just a stop by the local office, and they print them out. The health insurance cards are a real pain. We just changed our policy July 1. Three people insured, they sent us two cards. Takes 10 business days to get one online or by phone. I gave one of the originals to my husband, and the other to my college son. While waiting for mine, I use a copy of both sides that I've laminated. Not the real deal, but better than nothing if I'm in an accident.

  3. Are the guys people you know or live close to you? Yes, I eat chocolate to reward me. Really, before my swing broke, sitting there was my reward. Glad you at least have a wallet.

  4. I have no idea how you do so much but I love it!

  5. I can print my auto and health insurance card online.
    Icky jobs have to be done prior to being on the computer or online on the phone.