Monday, October 3, 2022

Monday, So much to do!


I need to get packing, but I have to get the laundry and the ironing done first. I sent most of the weekend just resting and sleeping trying to wear this cold off. I still have a slight sore throat and a very raspy voice.

Hubs is anxiously awaiting his trip up to the doctor tomorrow to have his tubes removed.  The catheter is really annoying. I too am looking forward to him getting rid of his little friend.  He is so tired of not doing things he normally does. 

Jess is due in tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to see her.  The other girls are coming down to spend the night so a slumber party.  Don't know how much care Hub's will get I think it will just be a free for all. 

I am going to Sonic at about 4:30 to get food for 4 missionaries as I am not going to cook a big meal right now.  I said I would feed them, but it would have to be fast food. I don't think the boys will mind at all.

So today I have a list of sewing things that must be done and then the laundry and the ironing. Hubs and I will grab a sandwich, as I am not cooking.  I am in my let's get out of town mode.  

To Do:

1. load of laundry

2. hem 2 pants

3. hem 2 jeans

4. put patches on police uniform

5. hem a fancy dress

6. alter a man's suit

7. feed missionaries

8. get ironing done

9. go suntan to prevent burning at beach

10. dye hair roots

That is, it for today!

I did get 14 pints of various pickles made this weekend.  I pickled green beans, cucumbers, peppers, and some combos of carrots, beans, onions and peppers.  They are delicious and so much cheaper than buying at the store.

I also made a batch of fresh salsa, and we snacked on that all weekend. I am just trying to use up all the leftover things from the garden.

Well, I am off to start on the list, what are you doing today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I bet your hubby will be more than thrilled to get rid of his attachments!!!! Gosh, who wouldn't. I forget where you are going this time - did you say?
    Get yourself better girl!!

  2. Pack light! The condo has a washer and dryer!

  3. I’m curious about missionaries. Are you and they part of a Mormon mission? Or does that mean something else in your part of the country? Thanks!!

  4. The boys will be thrilled with Sonic, I'm sure! We are passing a cold around here. Feel better!

  5. Wow, such progress! How many days of vacation with Slugs and little sis do you get? Hope it is grand and that you don’t worry about your husband at all due to his volunteer caregivers ;). Hilogene in Az

  6. You got your list accomplished if I know you, and even started packing. Enjoy your trip with Slugs and Lil Sis.

    God bless.

  7. Sonic is a food place? We don't have those in Canada! Good luck with your hubs losing his "little friend!"

  8. Enjoy your trip, and hope Hubs gets the catheter out soon!

  9. Hoping your hubs gets all of the attachments removed soon. Enjoy your vacation!! It is well deserved.