Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Tuesday, Okay, really? Who is in charge here?


Kim's life right now.  Did Kim think she would get back from her vacation and have a few months of relative down time?

Why yes, she did think that. After all she had caught up on all things wedding, the shop only had a couple of to do's.   

So why is she living in a wedding nightmare?

Why is she stuck, asking herself the above question repeatedly......?

Because she does not live in reality.  Well, I live in my reality, where I am a princess who does not have to work, and I get to watch Netflix all day, and I also get to be in charge of the sounds volume and the remote.  So far, I have no control over sound volume or the remote, but a girl can dream.

Right now, there are 8 wedding dress in the shop.  Yes 8.  I am trying to figure out how to hide my house.  But that is hard.  My Harry Potter skills are lacking.

I did manage to get my cookie dough made last night and get dinner over to Lil sis's. I also managed to get a wedding dress that I have a fitting for today, ripped, the sleeves removed, and all of the mending done on the back.  I still have to get the hem ready for try on, but it is one of those huge ballroom dresses, that has several layers of petticoats.   I need to press the darn crumpled things in order to measure the hem correctly.  What a pain.

So that is my first job of the day if I can get people to quit calling and coming over.  Sheesh you would think I have a business or something.

I did manage to get my picture to the framer this morning and I need to take dinner into Lil sis tonight who is working from home and caring for her other half.  She hates to cook and is so behind at work.  I also am going to make cookies up for Schmills and Kelsa to decorate this evening. I hope Kelsa does not use her feet this time.

My day is full.  My day is too FULL.

But I am grateful.  I am blessed with work.

All will get done in its time.  I think.

Trying to remain positive.

Things I need to do:

1. get wedding dress ready for fitting

2. take chicken out to thaw.

3. get picture to framers

4. transplant lemon tree to new pot

5. pick all tomatoes green or not (get Hubs to do this?)

6. make cookies

7. make dinner

I do not see relax anywhere on this list.  Nor do I see myself getting the remote.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Wow! Is this for the holiday season? I have noticed winter weddings have become somewhat popular around here. Cindy in the South

    1. I know I am pretty shocked but it is okay as I will need the money.

  2. Now there is a word that can be used that Kim may not know. NO!!!! You can tell people you are all booked up - sorry - but no, I can't right now.
    Take your boundaries back!!!
    Having the work is a blessing, but not so much so as to drive you crazy girl!
    I cannot imagine all you do in a day - I would be exhausted.
    Have a good evening!

    1. Well, I am actually just shocked that the season has not slowed down. But the money will be nice. I have had a few brides call that need things for next year like in April and June and I have told them to wait until next year. I just don't want that much stuff in the shop sitting there.

  3. Don't these people know that your wedding season is over? I did get married the end of November, so I suppose I missed the memo, too. Can't you steam the petticoats? You need self-declared holidays for things like cookie baking and decorating.

    1. I have a hard time getting stiff tulle to steam. I have much better luck just fighting the bulk and pressing the tulle.

  4. Blessed with work. I'll tell myself that after I stop crying. It's been a truly crap Tuesday. I understand the pressure to feel like you're contributing, that people are relying on you. Soul sisters.

    1. Oh, SAM I am so sorry. Is there someone I can go beat up for you or perhaps make a voodoo doll?

  5. Ah, the ongoing battle for the remote. My husband and I compromise - he gets to change the channel, but I get the volume (my hearing is worse than his).

    I like Cheryl's advice - just say, "NO." If they push you, then say, "Okay, at double the price, then."

  6. No war for the remote or volume control here. Harvey has his huge television in his man cave, so he leaves me alone with my smaller one. There have been more winter weddings here over the past few years so perhaps that is now happening where you are.

    God bless.

    1. I am just really surprised that I am still so busy. But I will take the money and run.

  7. "I hope Kelsa does not use her feet this time" Priceless

  8. After hearing your phone ring so much with people hunting you down for alterations, I know you're in huge demand. You have the option to take everything or decline some of the work.
    With the wedding dresses, just make sure your prices are fair to the amount of labor you put into them. If you have doubts send me a picture and I will set the price for you! It will be more than your normal charge, but it will be fair.

    1. I am going up and up. I am really starting to realize that I am the only one. Miss you already and want to plan another trip somewhere.

  9. Autumn through early spring (that would be mid-March) weddings are very popular in the low Sonoran desert. Temps are creeping upward by late March or early April. Still reasonably comfortable, but we can have occasionally wicked hot days--difficult to plan!

    ... Taja 🏜️