Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, Veteran's Day

     Thank you to all the Veterans out there that served our country.  I sit here in freedom because of your sacrifice.

     I am over whelmed this morning.  Mom's problems.  Hubby is home and in my face.  I sent him to walk the dog. I need to get a letter out for the dance studio and can't get a hold of the ballet Mistress.  Rehearsal schedule this next 35 days will be grueling and I just sit here in a fog and can't think.

     There is plenty to do around here so I guess I will just get moving.  Maybe if I just do something I will feel better, or less confused.  It is not that anything is particularly hanging it is just this feeling of blur and confusion and I don't like it.

     I am going to get up, start the laundry and see if I can clear my head.  What is wrong with me..... so frustrated. ARGHHHHH!

Have a great and productive day, I am going to try.

Kim :)

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  1. Well I hope you had a somewhat productive day after your foggy start. I started with a clear head and ended up in a fog!! Don't know which is better...probably neither! By about 1pm I had a blistering headache on top of my head cold - blechh! I'm just going to blame it on the fact that it's November...and it's snowing out here!!