Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, Kids are home!

     Okay how do I know the kids are home?  Because last night I went through the house and every light in the house was on!  The wash machine has not quit running and my laundry was done early this afternoon.  They both desperately need me to do things.  I have been told at least 70 times there is no food in this house.  You mean there is no junk food in the house.  But I stayed up late listening to them pack and laughed and laughed.  They are so funny together when they are getting along.

      I sewed hard yesterday.  I still have 3 dresses to alter and  2 pairs of jeans to hem and then I am done. I have to pay a few bills today and get packed to leave.  I'd like to get a little house work done, but that may wait.  I am going to have my daughter touch up my roots when she gets up, and I also want to go get my nails done.  So I have a busy day ahead.

     Hub's mom called yesterday and said that she was bringing a ham.  Surprise, surprise, one of those processed hot dog hams that she has sliced.  Not a bone in or a spiral with some flavor.  Also sister-in-law will make apple pies, so in other words which am I going to do?  She will not do cream pies.  Yes I know because you would have to put sugar or lard in those and we know you won't do that.   I asked how big is the turkey?  Well not too large, uhm mom we are feeding over 35 people?  This is why we quit going down.  Often there was not enough food. I don't think we should have to go down and make an entire Thanksgiving dinner.  It would be different but these are all people who have way more financial ability than hubs and I.  They are just cheap and selfish about many things.  Hubs said last night that he can see that this is going to be a weekend of "I told you so".  Yep, yep it is!

     Heard from mom and both sisters yesterday.  Mom is doing well and having a good time. This makes me happy.  I am also happy that her house is shut up and her car is secured.  No more allowing the bums to trash the place and use the car.

     Sis and I were very mouthy.  We were also opinionated and very adult in our views.  We thought we were important and had a lot to say.  This was an accepted practice in our own home.  Dad and mom were both interested in world events, dad read constantly we just talked about very adult subjects and understood things beyond our years.  We really had never been treated like children and we certainly had learned to take care of ourselves. All of these are good and bad qualities in children.  Our cousins were not like us.  We loved them and played hard but when the adults were involved things got ugly quick.

     All of us were very small children.  We were not big eaters.  Mom could get one hamburger and fries and split it four ways and there would still be food left over.  Our cousins knew how to eat and cleaned their plates.  One set had a mom who was very frugal and they were going to eat anything and everything given them because who knew what they would get next time.  The other set were all on their way to childhood and adult obesity.  Plates were filled by uncles and we wouldn't eat and couldn't possibly eat what was put on our plates.  I remember being force fed and throwing up and getting slapped.  So many fights over food.  I dreaded meal times.  I would actually start to get sick before dinner and go lay down just to avoid eating.  I think my grandmother knew this as she would let me eat later when I felt better.  My Uncles drank heavily and the were loud mean drunks.  I knew they loved my mom, I could tell by the way they treated her, but I was sure they did not like me very much.

     I don't know how many times Sis and I were slapped because we came into a room and started talking.  Our opinion and need for attention were promptly squashed.  I think we were slow learners in this respect, or we were very stubborn. Probably both, now that I think of it.   This was a large Scandinavian family with the tradition of getting together daily for coffee and talk.  We wanted to talk, we wanted to be included we thought we were cute and clever.  Well we were not.  Mom was so non confrontational and really had not taught us very good manners.  We had very high opinions of ourselves and they just (the Uncles ) could not break us.  They certainly tried.  We started to really miss our Dad.

     He would call and we would talk to him and he would cry and beg mom to come back.  After a month of watching Sis and I getting slapped and yelled at mom was ready to go back and get Dad.  He had agreed to leave his family and move to Montana.  It was pretty obvious that Mom would need Dad to stand up for us kids because she could not.  Dad would fit in well with the Uncles, but they would not discipline us when he was there.  That was his job.   So much macho in that family, it always surprised me.

     We traveled back to North Dakota and spent the rest of the summer saying good by to friends and getting ready to move.  It was a great summer, mom and dad seemed happy.  Dad was on good behavior.  No one is funnier or more fun than dad, he was such a kind person, he just had so many bad habits and faults.

       When the neighbors gas would get turned off, dad would take over the electric skillet and fry pan so they could cook.  Mom and Dad were both very generous and helpful people. When they found out a young women was being abused in the apartments, Dad rallied the men to get her husband out of the way so she could escape.  There were no women's shelters back then.  I know the plot they used to get the women out of her apartment was very elaborate and involved the super.  When the husband woke up from his three day drunk with his new buddies he was sleeping on a mattress on the floor and the apartment had been cleaned out.  He also had on only his shorts.  His wife was long gone.  The whole neighborhood was in on it.

     Dad's relatives in ND were not too excited about the move.  Dad's sister and her husband wanted him to stay.  His mom wanted him to stay.  Mom was insistent and she had good reason to be.


     Well I need to get busy I have so much to get done today before we leave.  Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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  1. Nothing quite so satisfying as a weekend of good ol' "told you so's"! Especially when it's directed at someone else lol. When I was about 4 and full of my own self importance one of my older sisters said to me "if you've got nothing worth saying don't say anything at all!" That really stung and I was quiet for a very long time. That was well over 50 years ago and it still stings! Sisters...