Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday, mom takes a lot of time....

     Mom is taking up so much of my spare time.  I don't mind, but I can see  that if she lived here I would have to make some changes.  Right now it is like she is here on vacation.  If it was permanent something would have to give.  We woke this morning and she wanted her hair colored and it needed to be colored trust me.  Mornings are my time to get things done, I blog and write and get ready do a little house work and then hit the shop by 10.  She just takes all my time.

     I was able to get dressed and make the beds, but she needed help with her hair and I started oatmeal for her breakfast.  She moves so slow that by the time the oatmeal was done it was time to put her in the shower.  I tried to get other things done while she showered but that became impossible and I found that I had to stand outside while she rinsed out the dye and put in the conditioner.  Finally got her out and dressed and down to breakfast.  We went out to the chicken coop to gather a few eggs, the she sat down to fill her prescription trays.  Yeah ! I get a few free minutes.

     We are going to run a few errands this morning and then I really have to sew.  I will make a deposit also as I have to run payroll tonight.  Mom needs to start her rosettes today. We plan on taking her home on Friday.  She is still thrilled with her doll house, it is so cute.

     My financial goals this week are to get enough to pay the house payment and other necessities. Hubby is not driving for three days so that helps.  Shop is a little slower than I would like but I have plenty to do today.  Always the worrier.  I need to get enough in tuition to make payroll.  then I will worry about bills.

                                                            Born a Twin

     I am a twin.  I am an identical twin.  This fact alone is fascinating to most people.  Twins by nature are special.  I am always excited when I find out someone is a twin.  Now I don't say this because I think I am fascinating, but I have to acknowledge my interest and curiosity at meeting a twin must be like everyone else, only I approach it from the angle that I to came into this world with another half.

      Mom did not know she was having twins.  People often did not back in the 50's.  We were her first baby's, she was big, but not so much that the doctor was worried.  We were born a month early.  Sis weighed  4lb 2oz.  I was 3lb ,11oz.  There was not much they could do for preemies back then except keep us warm and put us in an oxygen tent.  Sis was healthy and gained weight right away, she was allowed to go home in about a week.  I was a problem child and anemic, so I would lose weight and go below 3 lbs.  This kept me at the hospital for almost 6 weeks.  What a mess.  I have tried to imagine what it was like for my young parents.  One baby at home and one at the hospital.  I am sure it is much like parents today.  One heck of a schedule.

     Sis was breach.  She always had to be first, it is a family joke.  It is often said I was born with a dust rag in my hand and Sis says she left me behind to clean up the mess.  I was also breach but like a good girl I flipped around and came out the way I was supposed to.  This was going to be my regular behavior for many years.  We shared a womb and a room. My one wish as an older child was to have my own room.  My own space.  But if given that wish I would have I found her at night and crawled in next to her.  That was just a natural part of being a twin.  Another heart beat.  A certain heartbeat.


     Well mom is chomping at the bit to get to the store so I had better go get some makeup on and try to look presentable.  Then get home and get to work!

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. If your mother moves, you will both develop a more normal routine, whereas now, neither of you is making a schedule with the other in mind. It will get better.